Xie Zeer six innings no-hitter nationals 3-1 victory over the Cardinals two straight away to seize the initiative

Beijing on October 12 morning, the 2019 Major League Baseball National League Championship Series second field, other than the identity card playoff national team away to Central champion Cardinals. Nationals starting pitcher Max – Xie Zeer 6 innings no-hitter, the audience Cardinals played only three hits. National team ultimately rely on the eighth inning – Adam Eaton’s base hit, 3-1 victory over the Cardinals, the series has made two straight away.

Data highlight

Nationals starting pitcher Max – Xie Zeer 6 innings no-hitter, played seven innings without losing, only to be hit one hits, 2 walks, 11 strikeouts, winning pitcher to win. Daniel Hudson rescue success. Trey – Turner -A- Taylor and Michael have two hits, Adam – Eaton 2 hits an RBI.

Cardinals starting pitcher – Adam Wainwright played 7.1 innings lost 3 points out 11 strikeouts swallow defeat vote.

Game process

The first Jushang Ban, Anthony – Rendon hit a base hit on the base. The second half of the first inning, Shackleton – Wang Xuan to four balls on walks and stolen second base, but Max – Xie Zeer strikeout of his three teammates. The second game, the two pitchers have sent 3 over 3, one strikeout.

Third Jushang Ban, Michael Taylor blasted -A- spring gun, the national team 1-0 lead. – Adam Wainwright solve the next three batters. Half of the third inning, Xieze Er struck out twice, three on three. The end of the three games, the national team 1-0 Cardinals.

Fourth Jushang Ban, https://www.b2bshopp.com Wainwright sent two strikeouts, three on three. The fourth half, once struck out Xieze Er, three on three.

Fifth Jushang Ban, Taylor played second hits of the field, but the other three teammates have been solved. The second half of the fifth inning, Xie Zeer sent two strikeouts, three on three.

Sixth Jushang Ban, the Terre – after shot hits Turner, Wainwright struck out three consecutive batters after. Under the sixth inning and a half, Dexter – Fowler walked on to the selected base. The end of the sixth inning game, the National is still a 1-0 lead.

Seventh Jushang Ban, Wainwright sent 3 over 3. The second half of the seventh inning, Paul – Goldschmidt break Xie Zeer no-hitter, a fly ball to left field level direction to form a base hit, but Ya Dier – ending double play hit Molina hit half board.

Jushang Ban eighth, https://www.fanbutikk.com pinch-hit appearances Matt – Adams hit a base hit on a base, Trey – Turner also played hits followed. – Adam Eaton hit base hit, two runners on base back to the National to expand the score advantage, 3-0. Next Rendon was intentionally walked to base. Andrew – Miller replaced starting pitcher Adam – Wainwright, continuous solve the next two batters opponents to leave a residual base.

The second half of the eighth inning, Paul – De Jong played on-base hits after two outs, pinch-hit appearances Jose – Martinez hit base hit to De Jong returned home plate, the Cardinals recovered a point, 3- 1.

Ninth Jushang Ban, Ryan – Hull Presley 3 over 3 out twice struck. The first bottom of the ninth, Patrick – Corbin as a left-handed specialist to solve Shackleton – king. Daniel Terminator – Hudson followed two batters easily https://www.trikotskaufenn.com resolved, closed successfully. Whistle, national team 3-1 victory over the Cardinals, with the score 2-0 in the series back to Washington.

Both sides

Washington National:

First stick: Tre-Terna guerrilla

Second Bar: Adam – Eaton Right Field Hand

Third 棒: Anthony – Lunden Tablets

Fourth stick: Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

The fifth rod: Haoyi – KFRK two base

Sixth: Rui’an Hi Merman

Seventh stick: Suzukiqing catcher

Eighth rod: Michael-A-Taylor Chinese and foreign wilder

Ninth stick: Max – Xie Zeer pitcher

St. Louis Rock:

First stick: DXR – Fon Chinese

Second Bar: Kilton – Wang 2kger

Third Bot: Paul Gold Schmidt

Fourth: Masel – Austrian left field

Fifth stick: Ya Dier – catcher Molina

Sixth stick: Matt – third baseman Carpenter

Seventh stick: Tommy – Edman right fielder

Eighth https://www.mlbboutique2.com rod: Paul – Delong guerrilla

The ninth bar: Adam – pitcher Wainwright

Next look

Two days later the two teams will move to Washington for the third series of the game. – Jack Flaherty (11-8, ERA 2.75,231 strikeouts) and Stephen – Strasberg (18 wins and 6 losses, ERA 3.32,251 strikeouts) will be served the two teams starting pitcher.

Division Series as the starting pitcher of life and death battle Flaherty did not feel the pressure, because the wire in a Jushang Ban scored 10 points to seal the victory, but lost one point six innings performance was commendable. Division Series played twice, ERA 2.77.

After Strasberg early to be blasted two homers sent back in time status, the team sent six good innings to vote in the fifth battle of life and death. 6 career playoff ERA is amazing 1.32,34 Bureau sent 45 strikeouts.