Wow! 16-game winning streak ah! Western popular team good strong ah

The sun beat Nets, had 16-game winning streak, the longest winning streak of the season NBA.

The whole world is watching the Lakers and Nets, and then listened to public opinion points points points attention to the Warriors, but no one concerned about this popular team, has been quietly in the corner of the 16-game winning streak, most from the history of their team longest winning only 1 field.

You say it happens, their 17-game winning streak the longest history of the founder, is the opposite of the coach today – Nash.

To, guess how long this wave-game winning streak, the next game is very important, the next three games, the sun will hit twice Warriors.

Race before the sun Christmas

Nash said before the game: “15-game winning streak of the sun, the test is a good measure of the Nets.”

I sincerely do not bully ah! ! !

So weigh down, think of the Nets? This season high probability can not win? ? ? After all, the sun is just west of the second, even if you can not the West have been second, that the West first how to do.

After the measure also finished, Nash prepare how to do? get out of class it? After all, your own inspection standards are set, the inspection did not win down, it must have a drastic change it!

But the Nets sun fiercely teach a man today, 20 points ahead of time, Monty look of “concern for the fate,” Nash look of calm, do not know that it’s leading the Nets.

This is a down, exposed the Nets may be more than one problem.

Opening the sun Nets hit a wave of 21-8, the second biggest points difference was 20 points.

Halftime, the Nets catch although the points difference 10 points, third quarter results were pressing play full sun, follow the sun tempo runs, single letting the sun will be divided difference widened to 18 points.

Nets entire backcourt quite empty, no serious organizational players, the audience was a man Paul Booker and teach.

Booker 18 was 9, 3 points 6 from 4, the plate 4 to get 30 points 1 promoter, if the control point foul longer perfect.

Today, Paul 19 was 9, the ball 3 from 3-8, the plate 5 8 22 points promoter.

In NBA history to get at least 20,000 points 10000 5000 board to help players!

It is not yet possible to discuss the issue of the NBA point guard?

Nets today it is not projected full capacity, the entire perimeter shooting, in addition to Durant, we can only rely Mills insisted. Mills ah, he really is to hold the thigh, it is to hold the thigh, right? Nets and maybe the audience into three points.

Durant is really fast exhausted, playing 45 minutes, almost no rest, cast 28 13 3-point-7 4, the plate got 39 points 9 1 7 co-off cap 4, do have I do not do too hard to do, but they can not win all soldiers of the sun.

Durant back tired, and even start count Mills Nets score stand up, although expected to fall, and the audience 7 Mills shot 3, all the shots from the 3-point line, nine points board 2 3 promoter. But do not expect Mills, who can we expect it? Harden it?

Harden three half got the quasi three pairs, the plate 13 co-6 turnovers 10 minutes 4 (1 of 10 shots, the ball 3 0-4), the score has not more mistakes.

Do not look at the name, look at the data, you say this is Dream Green, a ball brother, Rondo, I can believe ah, is not believe this is Harden.

Ball Brother: We are not the same, thank you!

Rigor that is the previous ball before Rondo and brother, my brother this season, the ball can not be so iron 3 points. Ball Brother this season 3-point shooting 44.4%, 37.8% and only Harden, you dare to believe?

Harden Ended data 15 from 4, 3-point 0-6, 12 points 13 14 co plate 7 turnovers, which is 4 times the season Harden three pairs, but hit the back, both home Nets Harden began to hush up.

Defender Paul taught man is no problem, Mackey teach a man inside was a bit justified.

Today McKee played 16 minutes, shot 3 of 7, got 10 points and 10 boards

Elton has only 10 points and six boards!

Elton erupted understand why the sun has always been reluctant to give the maximum contract, right?

After all, Paul and play together, even McGee could appear above the shoulders is also the first center. Some people say that if before every game just let McGee played for 70 seconds every game that he is Chamberlain, Chamberlain’s buff seems to continue today there are 10 minutes of it.

Nash seems to use only one Aldridge, Adelaide is played well, played 28 minutes, 8 of 12 shots, got 18 points and six boards, but it was so excessive use of a recently retired players return really okay? There is no risk it?

Millsap played only 8 minutes, 2 vote 1, 2 points to get a plate.

Griffin did not play …… do not know why

Suddenly the question is not that the Nets and Lakers also almost, uh, the problem is not won the crown.