Wilson responded to the giant team: the contract is willing to play with the Haiying’s renewal to hit 45 years old

Seattle Hawks 4-point Waraser – Wilson is full of confidence in the future, he is about to usher in the last year of the contract. In the conversation of guests “Tonight Show” and Jimmy-Metal – Wilson, Wilson hopes to get a big contract, accurately the NFL’s largest contract, and does not care about the future is Seattle or New York.

Jimmy-Law Controven, I have heard some rumors recently, saying that Wilson may sign a contract with the New York giant (although it looks unlikely), the Finalist will ask Wilson, and Wilson himself also confirmed: “Yes In this case, I am now living in New York, but I am not sure that the Hawks will let me go. I love Seattle, Seattle is a special place, so … I got a super bowl in Seattle, I have called Two super bowls. “But at the same time, Wilson also talked about his love for New York Yangji (as followed by Yangshichun training), he and his wife Sachica (singer) have a lot of influence in New York.

In the face of this sensitive problem, Wilson uses a joke to resolve the embarrassment: “Are you going to say that I am going to New York?” He asked the words, at that moment, it seems that all rumors were broken. The giant team of course has enough salaries and chips to attract Wilson, but if Wilson has become a giant’s future quarter-saving, Yahoo Sports believes that this possibility is minimal, because the two teams have never exposed the possibility of transfers.

Regarding the contract, Wilson is looking forward to it, it is not possible to sign a recorded contract: “Yes, it is very potential, let us see what will happen.” The four-guards often get the biggest team. Contract, they are the cornerstone of the team. 2018 holiday season, Lion’s Matthew-Stafford, 49 people’s Jimmy-Gallo, Viking Team Cork Cork Coss and Falcon’s Matt-Lannu once refreshed Contract record. Alon Rogers was a four-year, a $ 134 million renewal agreement, which was a four-year value of $ 1.34 billion, currently an NFL’s largest contract. However, Wilson’s importance of the sea eagle (plus wage hats growing) may make his new contract surpass Rogers.

Can 30 years of Wilson continue to continue their careers as Tom Braddy? He revealed that a big contract means a lot, you can help you build confidence: “I am an African-American African American, a height, from Virginia’s Richmond High School, that is a private school, someone Say that my talent is limited, I can’t stand in North Card State and Wisconsin University ……. I have just ended the 7th season, I will usher in the eighth year, I think I can play another 10-15 years. “

Wilson will be 31 years old in November, and then play 10-15, it means he will hit the grade of Braddy, it sounds very crazy, but said back, Braddy and Dru-Bris two 40 years old Does the old man not always refreshed the standard of four-point guard?