Willand suffered a single three bombardment angel 5-4 ending space people five consecutive victories

On July 6, Beijing time, Los Angeles angel challenges Houston Space. The game https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Great https://www.fanbutikk.com Valley Xiangping will face the Space Man’s ace pitcher Wrand, and a home run in the third game. And this also became the epitome of this game, Willands were bombarded with three homes and lost 4 points, and the spaceman was hit by 4 projects, and all from this. In the end, the angel continued the recent state, defeating the spaceman with 5-4, and got 7 wins in nearly 10 games.

In terms of angel, Carlhn 2 is played 2 points, Da Gu Xiangping and Turpit have a sun spring gun. Aspects of space people, Gurier 3 points, Branteel 4 counts 4 players run back 3 points.

[Competition process]

In the first place, Willand took the lead in debuting, although it was secured, but in the face of Da Gu Xiangtian and Simmuss or sent a three oscillator.

In the second half of the second game, Lamis is replaced, and Peny is followed, but the first player faces, Brantley is bombarded, the https://www.trikotskaufenn.com 12th sheet of season Based to make space people lead, 0-1.

In the third bureau, Fletcher is hitting the base, Karrhorn uses the 19th project of the season to help the angel anti-ratios, 2-1; Turkette high-speed ball, Da Guxiang flat Anyang spring cannon, this https://www.mlbdrakterno.com is the 13th project of his season, and it has also expanded its advantages for angels.

In the second half of the fourth place, Brandeli and Alvaret knocked out the second base to beat, up to the second and third bases; Guriel rolled the earth, but the runner still returned to the home score, the spaceman recovered 1 point, 3-2.

In the fifth bureau, Carlorn hit the second base to beat, but Turuit and Da Guxiang did not use the play to return the teammates.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Simons’s first stick hit a left outer country high-speed ball, the ball crossed the home running wall score, the https://www.b2bshopp.com angel once again 2 points, 4-2; Wandard Six Board has not yet been bombed Three home runs out.

In the second half https://www.maillotspascherfr.com of the sixth bureau, Penia has also completed the work. After the 4.0 game was smashed and lost 2 points, and the three times were sent 2 times. Relay pitcher debuts have lost the lead. Bregman is selected from the four-bad ball to keep the Brand-Televial ??state, and the two-three bases have been played again. However, Alvarez and Guriel have come out, although Redick also keeps the base, two people Out of the game; Chrino is not able to seize the opportunity to be blocked.

In the first half of the eighth game, Turuit continued to be a good condition, once again slamming the home, the second 6th volume of the season https://www.mlbboutique2.com came to 5-2; Truite is also three consecutive openings, the past three games Knocking out 4 projectors, 26 strikes also make him become a home https://www.maillotspascherfr.com runner.

In the second half of the eighth bureau, Willand completed the work, the 7.0 bureau’s pool was hit by 7 points and lost 4 points. In the face of the truncation of Brandi, the two people were out of the case, Guriel bombarded two points, so that the space man https://www.maillotsenligne.com immediately recovered 2 points, 5-4.

In the second half of the ninth bureau, Robrez debuted and completed the three-three-strongest victory.

[Two sides starting]

Houston Space Team

1. George – Springs Chinese and foreign wilders

2. Jose – Otti two base

3. Alex Bregman

4. Michael Brandehi left outer wilder

5. Yudan – Alvarez designated hits

6. Euli-Guirier

7. Josh-Redkend right wilder

8. Robinson – Chrinos catcher

9. Miles Stro Guard

Justin Virgo Pitcher

Los Angeles Angel Team

1. Cole-Carlorn Right Wilder

2. Mike – Turkit Chinese

3. Great Valley Xiangping designated hits

4. Andreton – Simmons guerrilla

5. https://www.mlbtrojerse.comAlbert – Puertoz

6. Galt – Parker left outer wilder

7. Jonathan – Luke Roy Catcher

8. Louis Lunkeford

9. David – Fletcher

Norr Ramires Pitcher

[Next prospect]


The next competition space sent another strong Grudi-Cole debut, 8 wins 5 wins 5 wins this season, 161 Senang have been sent. Cole has just been selected in the all-star lineup. This is the second consecutive season to enter the whole star. In the 6th front of June, he got 3 wins and 0 losses 1.89 self-vocal scores, and at 38 49 three vibrations were sent in the bureau, and continued to rank first on the United States.

Angel is Andrew Hii debut, 1 win 2 losses 5.40 self-blame rate, Hiki hopes to find confidence in the face of powerful space people, because he has failed in the last game, the game of sportsists 6 The bureau lost 5 points, but the 36.2 bureau’s pitch sent 44 three vibrations, and the tri-vibration capacity was still very strong.