Will the MLB home base in the 2019 season? Will it come back?

The MLB season has been half, the home base is more embossed. This season’s home run is getting farther and farther, and there are more and more flying balls. More shocking is that this season’s home base is more than 20 years ago.

There is a big alliance coach can’t believe in your own eyes. Previously, the Indian coach Terry – Francona said that now the game is like all the stars on the weekend. Just at the All-Star Media Conference, Houston Space Man Ace Justin Willand also branched: “Baseball is https://www.fanartikelsportde.com watering!”

Year of history! All home run records are refreshed

This season, alliances have been refreshed in April, and the total number of homes in May, and the number of single home bases in June once again refreshed the historical record of the league (just created in May this year). As of now, this year’s home homber has a total of more than 1,000 in the same period last year. It is more than 2,400 times more than 5 years ago, even more than the anti-drug era (2000). Around 900.

The New York Yangji has refreshed the record of the homes of the league historical team with a single season of 267 records. This season Mingnida Shuangcheng, Seattle Sailor and Milwaukee’s winemaker are expected to refresh this record again, of which the hope of Shuangcheng . If they can maintain the existing rate, they have a homework https://www.trikotskaufenn.com to play more than 300 homes this season. In addition to these three strong teams, including Yangji and space people, the bear also hopes to chase and even refresh the historical record of last year.

In the 31st, the basic season wrote a magical record

In the 31st, the basic season wrote a magical record

From the team’s history record, if each team https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com can maintain the current homestream, there will be 13 teams to break the team’s home run record. If you add 4 promising teams, it may be more than half of the team in the end of the league to refresh the new record of the team history.

At the same time, the fishkar team Baltimo Gold Owand will also create another alumnic history: At present, the team will be played 2 bills every game. If you keep this is a history of history; if you convert it to the whole season, Jinyu expects the single season will be hit 324 support, which https://www.mlbdrakterno.com is more close than 70 more than the original record.

– Players, the following is the list of players who have exceeded the whole season of the season, the list of full-last year: Josh Bell, Jay Bruce, Tommy – Las Tommy (Tommy La Stella, Ketel Marte, Franmil Reyes, Haolch-Solar, Drek Dietrich and Daniel https://www.fanbutikk.com Vogelbach.

Jiaqi and Alonso, a new generation of home running super superstar

Jiaqi and Alonso, a new generation of home running super superstar

Reason, multi-factor contributing to the record

The current scene of the Alliance’s home run is not a single factor. Baseball columnist Stark is analyzed from this issue from many ways.

The first is a ball. With the development of technology, the ball quality used by the Great Alliance Players has reached the best level of the alliance history, so the player’s blowing speed and the heavy hit ratio have reached a historic high in the era of data records. Players are getting more demanding in picking wood, from a simple maple ball to a defined production area or even a designated technician.

The new way of hitting also enables the hit coach's unemployment rate

The new way of hitting also enables the hit coach’s unemployment rate

Kevin Seitzer, a Kemin Seitzer, a Kemin Seitzer. And now the brams https://www.b2bshopp.com produced by the company produces the ball, and the components are getting lighter – now in the team only with a 30 ounce ball, change to the previous light ball. The stick may not be in the past, because the texture is too fragile.

Secondly, the innovation of the fighting strategy. With the introduction of MLB technology statistics, we can observe this innovative result – the era of flies.

The number of beats who strike over 20.0 degrees in the season, 2015 only reached this height, and turned into two digits in 2017, and now there are 19 players to maintain the hit angle in 20. 20 The degree above.

The most intuitive embodiment of the era of the flying ball is that the hurt elevation angle of the player becomes higher. It can be seen from the trend of the player’s elevation angle, and the new combat strategy is widely https://www.maillotsenligne.com used in various teams and players. Both players have begun to try the ball in the air. The various teams have even begun to implement such a combating strategy in the small alliance.

Dodge Triace is the profiter of the new crackdown era, and he jumped into fire output points by adjusting the attack angle.

Dodge Triace is the profiter of the new crackdown era, and he jumped into fire output points by adjusting the attack angle.

On the other hand, the player’s waving movement is also innovative. Now the strike mode and strategy are completely different from 5 years ago, the player waving the actions more focused on the stability of the lower plate, which makes their hit a more farther.

There is also a speed of faster, the hitting speed of the hitter’s hitting speed is high. As mentioned in Newton Third Law, the force is equal to the reaction force. Not only is it more and more hitting, not only, and the speed of pitcher is getting faster https://www.mlbboutique2.com and faster.

There is a baseball analysis expert mentioned: “The home base hits the factor of the ball, and it is the speed factor. Look at the speed of the pitcher, if you can play the ball, the natural hitting speed will be faster – naturally The ball flew farther. “

Even the Z magic god Granki, which is a pitcher, has a single-film shot.

Even the Z magic god Granki, which is a pitcher, has a single-film shot.

The changes in the team building team also contribute to the soaring team of the team’s home run, especially the United States, the club. Mei Xian’s executives mentioned: “The United States of America’s teams from the first stick to the ninth great, each can play the ball out of 400 feet. Four years ago, each team can do this, 6 to 7 players can do this. Now If you can’t get 20 bills of homes in a single season, you may not be able to make the opportunity to play. “

This is a bit https://www.maillotsenligne.com exaggerated, but according to this home base, this season has averaged 20 bass in addition to the preparation place outside the pitcher. No one will deny that the transformation of this team’s philosophy will affect. In view of the rapid speed of the league pitcher, it is a shortcut to the team score outside the game. The general manager of Shuangcheng also looks like this, he is also doing it.

“The fastest way to score in baseball is home run. Therefore, we have begun to cultivate a rookie from this area. We will focus on cultivating long-playing skills. We have a big way to see the new show. We will guide them from the vowel trajectory to guide them to this direction. “At the same time, in the free market, he used a batch of strength cannons with relatively low cost, so the outbreak of Shuangcheng this season was not so https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com unexpected.

Muro's represented on behalf of the anti-drug era

Muro’s represented on behalf of the anti-drug era

External factors or binding drugs will not be rolled

Many people will think of the age of banned drugs 20 years ago. At that time, the drug inspection was not surrequit, and the alliance even had a single session 70 grunger. This also leads to some MLB conspiracy.

The bears, Sosa, Sosa, also being involved in the stimulant scandal

The bears, Sosa, Sosa, also being involved in the stimulant scandal

But the industry insiders hit the nose. Of course, some people will definitely take banned drugs, but now the affiliation of the affiliates is constantly enhanced, and the frequency is constantly improving, almost hard to break out like the Balco Laboratory. “Unless the alliance high-level and players will be alone, this is almost impossible.”

Finally, I returned to the baseball. This ball itself. This discussion has https://www.fanstore2.com
lasted for a while. Many people want to have the most advanced production baseball machine, which can continue to produce baseballs of the same specifications. However, the baseball is still sewing the leather and cotton lines by manual. Therefore, artificial factors still cannot be excluded.

Unless the new baseball does not need leather, it is not necessary to stitch, no need to sew. That is also changing the baseball itself, so manual sewing will always be a baseball factor that is difficult to bypass.

Of course, alliances have strict standards for baseball itself. The size of the ball, the type of surface, the sewing fabric, and even have a strict specification for the relevant specifications of the baseball kernel, such as colors. However, there is no way to control it. That is the resistance fact itself.

This https://www.mlbtrikot4.com parameter itself will be affected by various external factors, and the alliance is difficult to introduce a standard specified it. Last year, the team studied concluded that the baseball currently used in the resistance coefficient – especially the wind resistance, and thus the ball in the air is a large deviation.