Who can save Chinese football? If Fan Zhiyi is the Chairman of the Football Association, can there be a way?

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Say the fact! Reason! The responsibility of the Football Association, never gambling the World Cup! It is managed. Does Fan Da’s character, whether the ability and the responsibility of the Football Association really match?

First analyze four points:

First, select the coach: fire crystal, can be on, the mediocrity

Pick the coach, he is definitely a hipster! Which coach escaped over the old eyes? Tactical thinking, management ability, stadium temperament, implementation means, old people not only see pig run, I aaj tak hindi new have seen it for more than 30 years. Unlike ping-pong, get water in the project.

Moreover, Lao Fan will never be like a large, with a total annual salary of 12 million euros, please come to the world, three-flow, a young brother, but also a treasure, can’t cut! Isn’t his violent temper? I have already kicked it!

Also, the old man is absolutely responsible, dare to take. Never because of accidental failure, the coach is the main coach. It is very good, the pressure is too large, and it is abnormal until it crashed.

The coach is doing, and the old man of the rivers and lakes will only say like “Liang Jian”. “Nothing! There is a thing brother. Don’t think! Carefully take your team! Don’t say the superior, the faster, I am also Help you go back! But you can’t bring it well, be careful, I will cut you! ”

Of course, in dna news live hindi his year, Milu attitude. The foreign teachers of Skolary’s streams, he estimated that it could not see the domestic coach. However, is that problem? no problem! Nowadays, the mainstream local coaches are almost all of his younger brothers. Do you don’t work? He knows!

Second, the team unity: with the rivers and lake means, with the enemy, up and down

I don’t know why, will every World Cup united problem? Chinese people’s illnesses. During the high guidance, he couldn’t hear the old players. During the Lipper, it was inexplicably made by the players such as Wang G.

All this, there will never happen in front of the old man. And not to mention his stagnant, who dares to play a small means, he comes up, it is a heart, kicking out the national team.

Moreover, with his rivers and lakes, you will pay the money, you will drink live news hindi me it together, everyone is a big brother. Who will use such a means? Under his leaders, regardless of the coach, or players, it is absolutely upon. There are two hearts, drag out, k to one heart!

Third, the team is atmospheric: blood returns, subvert the football wind that is turning now

Fan Zhiyi strongly shame and rays a player, and it is destined to have a bloody player, kick, dare to die, is a brother. I will never have the king g and hurt, Fu H’s walk does not chase the ball, will completely change the ball now, do not break through, football, fear of the responsible team atmosphere.

Of course, the Chairman of the Football Association must not participate in the selection of players. But this style and temperament will definitely infect each player who has honored honors. I don’t want to go to the ball, but also to overwhelm you! Please, our fans are not high! Just want to see this momentum. Can lose, but never losing!

Fourth, long-term football policy: Never met to Dynasty, it is observed, will die

In the past 20 years, the football policy has changed forever! I know youth is the foundation, and the implementation is not resolute. Knowing the league is fundamentally, but each time gambling the World Cup, playing!

General Fan’s personality, never allow you to hesitate, entangle. If you look for one thing, you will go up. Daddy, 20 years later, a good Han. Resolutely, clear, executive, is a thing that can be done and is good at doing.

Of course, the old man also has defects, weak cultural skills, and it may catch the policy! However, is it related? There are so many leaders, so many brothers, so many people in the field of football can be tricky.

A long-term football policy, not, should not be given by one person, with the brain! Everyone has a group of group strength, collective discussion, and find the most suitable long-term development strategy. Chairman of Fan gave him the most good, strict supervision, and resolutely executed. Is it not good? Do not fragrant?

Four, it seems to match it. What’s more, he is still so love!

Brother Meng! No, no! The more I want to be, the more I want it, the more appropriate, the ok google news more I want to look forward to it! You said, do we want to really work hard? Everyone collects, puts the top, ask Chinese football to consider?