What happened between your employees in the first half? Is it caused by Barkel?

Beijing time on November 6th, Chelsea was at home to fight Bunli, and continued to maintain the first place in League standings. After the game, Chelsea coach Tu Her accepted the media interview.

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“Maybe you are very curious, but I will not talk about this. As a coach, I have learned not to comment the referee and other coaches.”

“They are very fortunate, just like we have not lost the ball in Brent Ford, but this is a football. This is the reason you like to watch the game, there is a chance on both sides. I appreciate the Bernile player. Attitude and the focus they are on the court. “

“Our schedule is very tight, but today is still very good, it has created a lot of opportunities. The football game is like this, sometimes it is full of efforts to have a loss. I said that we are very lucky when zero the opponent in the road. Of course, Buryley today is also lucky. “

“Yes. When training, I found that he was fully qualified. We have changed the three strikers today, and Barkley will be on the most suitable for his position. He waiting for a long time Before the previous replacement, it can always play an important role. “

“He is a bit angry about himself, but he created opportunities, we won’t blame him.”

“This first depends on himself. I hope he can continue to work hard and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. If he is not satisfied, I will be pleased.”

“But he also thanks yourself, because of his Soccer Jersey Discountposition, it is very competitive in his position. You can enter the club like Chelsea to play, you must be ready, the opportunity to play will always be there.”

“Unfortunately, we have only three replacement seats, so this is not easy, you need to grasp the opportunity when you come, prove yourself.”