Warriors easily win the hull! Leiji 5 shredded 0 points, George I didn’t help, the retrieval of the rocket

Beijing time on November 29th, the NBA regular season continued. Today, the train is hitting the challenge of the Warriors. Although the Warriors are now expensive as the league, but they don’t dare to relax, because the sun has gone 16 consecutive victories It is only half a winner. In the face of the fast boat, they are not winning. In the event of a stronger paper strength, the Warriors did not accidentally occur, they defeated the bus with 105-90.

The Warriors who played the Warriors were still in the library. He 22 shot in 12, three points 13, 7, 33 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, worth mentioning is that today he hits two three points. After that, he also became a player who had a single season in history in history, only 19 games. Virgo is in the offensive end of the offensive, but he has limited the core of the opponent. Assistant 1 steal 2 covered data.

Pohr’s 16th 6 won 17 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, in addition to the best Ottoport except the Cookout, he was 10 in 5, three points 7 in 3 won 18 points 10 The rebound 2 assists 2 steals data, the positive and negative value is up to +22, and Porter proves that he has proved himself. He has played the price. It is estimated that Potter may stay in the warrior for a long time, just as he said: “There is no before. Get it like warriors so https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
many opportunities. “

While George, George, the audience 24, three points, 7, 3, I won the data of 30 points, 5 rebounds 5 assists, Nairiji today iron, the whole game 5 0 points 0 points 1 rebound 2 Assistance, because the repayment has made many fouls, only in 21 minutes, was discovered by Tailun. Fortunately, Braiso and Xiao Moris have won 13 points, otherwise the fast ship will be even worse. The total score of this Bryso’s career exceeded 10,000 marks worthy.

In the case of Lennad probability, George does need a better helper to help him help him play out excellent records, Leiji’s strength is good, but it has not reached the level of the two, Xiao Morris comes back It is also late to retrieve the state. In this case, I think the bus will try again, because even if Len Nad returns, the alliance strong team https://www.maillotbasket6.com is mostly three-core, the dual-core is obviously no longer mainstream.

It is worth mentioning that by the name of Shams, John Wall and Rockets negotiated in failure, unless the event has a new transformation. Recently, Wal has promised to return to the rocket, and the Rocket also expressed interest, but Wall demanded to play the first, and the Rocket showed that they wanted to cultivate young players and won’t let Wall play only let him help, so As soon as Wall is directly unhappy, the two sides have broken down.

Before the start of the new season, Wall and the Rocket have negotiated, Wall hopes to leave the team, the rocket said that he would try to transfer him, and the two sides have also reached a consistent, Wall will not play for the team, when it is fast The ship has also expressed interest, but both sides finally https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com did not talk about the contract of Kenjard, in the current situation, I think Wall is still good for the traumatic, and the Walfam last season can take 20 points. 7 Assistance 1.1 steals, there is oil in this fuel tank.

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