Two wings – Southern Southern Football

Su Yongyi

I really know football and understand Chinese football, and I have to come up from the 1980s.

In the Soccer Jersey Discount early 1980s, Su Yongyi (Guangdong, after joining Canada) passed the national team with the national team from the year of the year, leading the Chinese national team to participate in the World Cup Asian Division Qualifier, leading the New Zealand team 3 points and 5 net In the case of the victory, there are not many full lost to New Zealand people.

The national team who has already disbanded waiting for the final wired message has to returned the Hummer, and the New Zealand team will play a surcharge. I am very sorry 1: 2. The Chinese football team that has already booked the Spanish World Cup finals, the isolar, the isola, is squeezed out of the World Cup final.

On the evening of the new Zealand playing, the boys who like football are crowded with the general office of 50 square meters. I stood on the table to see the Manchester United Jersey full game.

Teacher Wang, who is playing up in Tiananmen Square, almost smashed the TV.

I just liked football, I Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey don’t know what tactics, technology, and the most impressive impression is that Li Fu Sheng is as dexterous like a cat, and the ball is high. I will fly the eagle exhibition arm. After a while, I will love the position.

What is a good door to standard? It is possible to put the push of the ball.

Su Yongxi, the Chinese team hit the typical “South School” technical style football, the player’s foot is skilled, the movement is smart, with a group of MSI, Chi Shangbin, Zuo Shu, Shen Xiangfu, Gu Guangming, Li Fusheng and other a group of technologies Features.

The captain of the latter line, the captain, the captain, the frontal tissue core, the center of the frontcourt can be marine, the front Football Shirts Wholesale of the ancient Guangming body is like a loach, good at personal sideways, accurate, Shen Xiangfu, Yang Yumin speed Fast, Li Lionel messi Jersey Fu Sheng on the goal line is customary.

The national team attack tact during the Su Yongyi period mainly uses two wings, and the bottom is passed down, and the two wings are copied.

Team tactics, technology, and consciousness are all-class standards in Asia, the most lack of international competition, especially World Cup preliminaries.

If the team has an addition to play, it is not a rush to recall from Nanshan, and say that it is already successful.

Former Shanghai National Football, Zhang Honggen, short-handed the national team, participated in the Asian Games competition.