Trumote has the first "400 million Mr." MLB head card true money?

On the evening of March 19, China, the 2019 season MLB has born a surprising renewal, which is effective in the Los Angeles angel-Tmi-Tera, and the team signed a contract with a $ 4.3 worth $ 4.3 worth $ 12.And this contract will become the first contract for the history of North American professional sports.

This $ 430 million contract also broke the Mman Mado’s 10 years and 330 million contracts, 330 million contracts, signed 13 years, 330 million contracts.Record.Another $ 35.8 million annual salary also made him surpass the 34.4 million annual salary record of the Pitcher’s Pitcher Grande.

Tuur is renewed by breaking record

Tuur is renewed by breaking record

Turdi is the first MLB of MLB now, he will become freely in the 2020 season before renewal. When the angel management starts, it is considered and the possibility of Turuit’s renewal in advance. With the current contract of the contract, it means that Turuit will be an angel effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at the biggest contract in the history of Turuit:

Turkite is the first person in the world.

As an owner of the first round of the first round in 2009, Turdi only used the small union for two years to make himself on the stage of the big alliance. Today, Tuurot has been working in the Great Alliance for 8 seasons. His career has left. 307 hits the hits, 240 rays, and 175 weighted offensive index. There is a significant difference in the performance of the season in the 8th season.

Continuously stable alliance top output Let Truite have selected all stars for 7 https://www.maillotsenligne.comconsecutive seasons, and won 2 Maxi MVP, and 4 times in MVP voting, the worst of the ranking is just fourth.

The contract of American media ridiculed Haber and Truite: all money!

The contract of American media ridiculed Haber and Truite: all money!

We used the two strokes that were just signed in this offset.

Since Harper and Macha have risen the big alliance in the 2012 season, three of their three players have played a sector in the Grand Union. During these seven seasons, the victory contribution of the two of the two of the two people in Haper and Harper was 60.9, while the victory contribution value generated during this period of Turpit was 64.

In the 2009 MLB draft, 24 players who have taken place in front of Turt have left the victory contribution of 121.6 so far. The victory contribution of Turtur’s career has 64.3, in other words, Tururi has played more than half of the 24 players in front of the previous victory contribution.

With Tuurot’s average winning contribution of 9.1 each year, Truite has predicted Truite’s 2019 season, then he will rise from the 99th to 53 in the history wilder victory. Follow the famous Hall of Frank – Thomas.

There is no other player’s player to play from high levels and stability. At the same time, Turt is still a 5 all-around, there is a strike, strength, speed, arms and preparation. Player. Probably data is not enough to explain how Turdi is “invaluable treasure” in Baseball.

Angel needs Trick specialties to prepare for the future

Since 2010, the angel only entered the playoffs in the 2014 season. And that year, they took the first time in the United States of America in the United States for the first time, the first time I entered the playoffs, the result is 0-3 being swept. Before that, the angel continued to sign Pophangs and two top free players in Hamilton. But the player and the overall performance of the team have never achieved the ideal steps.

From the 2016 season, the angel has not been more than 80 victories for 3 consecutive seasons. Restricted to pay space and overall competitiveness, angels have never brought appropriate competitive environments to Truite. Until last season Angel is a bit surprisingly signed the big valley. Even the Great Valley has made him not in the 2019 season because the elbow ligament is replaced.

Japan Talent Big Guxiang Ping and Team Truste

Japan Talent Big Guxiang Ping and Team Truste

But the two-knife player can still return to the field at the 2019 season. Imagine the future angel’s strikes with Truite and Da Guxiang, and the top-level owner of the farm Way in the
center, which will make an angel to increase the competitiveness after the 2020 season. And Tuuri is currently in advance and angels to lock the future, which also makes angel have a strong signage when recruiting free players in the future.

Perhaps only a large contract can let Truite left

Turkt was born in Wagunland, New Jersey. As a native of New Jersey, Turur is always ready to go back to the East Coast near his hometown. Every time, Turett will return to the old people in New Jersey until the spring training begins. Walunland is only 64 kilometers from Philadelphia, and Turur is also on the NFL team Philadelphia eagle fans from urinating.

After the Harper signed the Philadelphians, there are various speculations that Philadelphors will bring Truite to their hometown near the Trust in 2020. Foreign plus spent in this rest period has improved the competitiveness of Philadelres in the next few years, and considering the overall strength of the angel and the turmoil in the past season, management and the former owner coach. In summary, since the Federation of Federation in the 2009 season, he did not win the ball in the season. The farm system lacks high quality rookie causing the big alliance blood transfusion (in 2013 – 2017) farm The ranking has been in the place where the Alliance is at the bottom of the union, which may make Truite to produce ideas from the West Coast.

In fact, the angel will certainly won’t want to look at the historical-level player after the end of the 2020 season, say goodbye to Annheim, re-integrate the influence of Turuit, and the influence of the field. He is very popular, with an angel’s financial resources and the big market environment in the Los Angeles area in the team. Angel is absolutely no reason not to use an astronomical figure or even a “blank
check” level contract to renew Turt.

The 22 teams skipped in Tuurot 10 years ago, they didn’t have a chance to sign him after today.