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Recently, a heavyweight coach joined Hainan Provincial Football Association Zhuanghai Club echelon, he was the front country Olympics and the front Dalian Strong Team defended. On November 4, the reporter learned from Hainan Provincial Football Association that since 2016, there were at least more than ten professional team experiences, and the national character experience and professional football team experienced the trainer to capture the young training football in Hainan, and the provincial football team The Qing training quarter is a benchmark, completed the 32 football echelon construction of U5-U17, so far, China Sea Club has been selection of national team training for different age segments.

Hainan football teenagers training under the guidance. Provincial footwork

Football from the doll

14 people have been selected for different age groups

In 2019, Hainan Zhonghai U14 team received the national “Elite Cup” champion, which is the first teenager’s football match for the first teenager’s football match in Hainan.

Hainan Zhonghai U14 team can win the championship, as the striker Wu Yifan does not, he once “jumped” into the country’s U16 team, is a new star in Hainan Youth training.

“I like chess when I am in elementary school, but I like football after playing a football. I can’t sleep on both feet every day.” Wu Yifan said that he is a typical southern teen player, the body is thin, the one is not High, but fast, sensitive.

At the age of 12, Wu Yifan was selected with the speed and playing aura, and was selected as a Hainan Provincial Football Association U12 team. In these years, Wu Yifan’s team is very focused on technical training, and the progress of Wu Yifan is very fast under this atmosphere. In the 2018 National Youth Football Super League, Wu Yifan’s Zhonghai U13 team once confrontation, although the Central China Sea team is responsible for opponents, but the coach of the rich team, a prior to Japan’s family is very high.

At the national training team, Wu Yifan’s performance has been praised by the Spanish master coach. Compared with the national teammates, Wu Yifan accepts the shortest hours of system training, and can get the recognition of players and coaches, and these years, the market team can’t open the technical training.

Lu Jianhai, chairman of the Provincial Association, has always emphasized that “Football from the doll”, Hainan attaches great importance to the junior training, adhere to the team concept of the basic skills of the player. Hainan Youth Training Base witnessed many Hainan football teenagers to grow from a general player as a high-level player, and even the foot of the country. For example, Liu Zhidan, Zhang Zumin, Wu Yifan, Li Xuge, Chen Changhong, Yang Wei and other 14 Hainan men players in the selection team, the relevant age group players participated in the Qing Chao and Qingyun, for two consecutive years of Qing Chao Group 4 The Qingyun will also get the fourth.

Hainan Qing training football accelerated development

13 ages of the age of 32

Hainan football teenagers training under the guidance. Provincial footwork

“If the Chinese football is really changed, the change from the Qing training is the first step. In recent years, Hainan has vigorously develops younger training, and has achieved some good results.” Lu Jianhai said that the Provincial Football Association is fully implemented “China Football Reform Development The spirit of the program, focusing on the popularity and promotion of Hainan grassroots football, promoting the development of young football training to the specialization, high level, deep level, vigorously cultivates Hainan backup football power.

This is also the same. In 2016, the Chinese Football Association agreed to Hainan officially formulated the provincial-level Qingjian Center, Hainan finalists in the 25 provincial-level Qingjian Center of China Football Association. However, it is suffering from no venues, and the Provincial Football Association can only conduct adolescent training, training and competition in Hainan Sports Vocational and Technical College, Hainan University, Hainan Normal University, Hainan Industrial and Commercial College.

Lu Jianhai has always wanted to crack this problem. He inspected, contacting partners, and finally finalized 160 acres of idle wasteland in the East Village Committee of Haikou Lingshan Town, building Hainan Province. The provincial and affordable three-sector natural grass field, two five-five-member courses and a beach football field, and a player dormitory, cafeteria, and training room.

The construction of the Sino-Sea Club, the provincial and foot community is mainly around the five football cities in Haikou, Sanya, Wanning, Zhangzhou, Qiongzhong, and focus on the layout of the football training network of Qiong Island East, South, West, North and China. Specifically, the provincial football trainee is a benchmark, and the construction of 32 football echelon construction in U5-U17 is completed, and the number of participants is nearly 600.

“Hainan people still like to play, but we have been ruined too long. Now we have such a platform, then our primary task is to cultivate Hainan’s football culture, let more children start playing, let more Parents are willing to bring their own children to play. “Lu Jianhai said.

As an old Hainan football person, Lu Jianhai always expects Hainan football. Therefore, the Provincial Football Association decided to open the whole society in a way to reduce the charging.

These children of the Qianjun quarter are mainly from Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, Lingshui, Sanya, Wuzhi Mountain, Zhangzhou, and Higher. Every holiday and weekend, children come to base training, accommodation and training. This completely ended the history of zero investment in Hainan Province, in 1988, 2016.

Manchester United JerseyBase drives the development of Hainan Youth Training Industry

The base is the children grow “according to the ground”

Hainan football teenagers training under the guidance. Provincial footwork

Soon after the Hainan Province is built soon, more than 100 players of the Liaoning Football Association Cheap Soccer Jersey Youth Team came to the base winter training in winter. The coaches of Liao Fug Youth Teenters, the foreigners’ feet were quite high for the evaluation of Hainan Province. He said that in the domestic young training football base, there are not many stadiums in the natural lawn. Many young people in China are playing on artificial lawns. In the past, there is a problem for the knee and ankle joints of the youth players. Hainan Provincial Football Association is really very useful, and we will vigorously enter the base, so that Hainan’s small players will train competitions in the natural lawn.

Hainan Province’s foot-in-laws in the Liaosheng area is not small, and the development of Hainan football younger training industry has driven. Since 2019, the Football Shirts Wholesale Liaoning Football Association U16 men’s feet, U13 women’s football team in the end of the base for 3 years and 2 years, and they practice is nearly 2 months.

The father of the Hainan Youth Training Team, Wu Yifan and Li Xuge have a feeling of Hainan Province’s foot-in-law, and they send their children to the base training competition every day. “We are watching the provincial and foot and association of Qingqing training base to expand, the children’s playback improvement every day, people playing in the base more than one day.” Cao Kai’s father said.

Wu Yifan’s father said that Hainan Province is really a “according to the ground” of Hainan Youth Football Players, has been built Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey for more than 4 years, held a multi-provincial “Moir Cup” Youth Football Champion League (U Series), Hainan Province Campus Football Winter Camp and Summer Camp Activity and Provincial Youth Football Championships.

It is reported that as of the end of 2021, there were 15 layout outlets and football clubs in cooperation with the Provincial Football Association jointly develop athletes.

Youth training

Football name Su Zhiji

Hainan football teenagers training under the guidance. Provincial footwork

Lu Jianhai introduced that China Sea Club Jeni has made basic skills as “heavy-middle”, team training is to practice comprehensive technology, comprehensive training technology, in running and confrontation technology.

The vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, the old foot, and the football name Su Zhi Zhikun have visited Hainan tall players in the China Sea in the past few years. Rong Zhixing said that “there is a feet, go to the world”, the results of the national football team are not as good as the generation, the main reason is that the player’s technical generation is not as good as one generation. It is hoped that the small players in Hainan have solidly practice, and contribute to the development of Chinese football in the future.

The training of the Chinese semi-club echelon is strictly in accordance with Hainan Youth Football Training Outline, and the team under 10 years old is mainly based on the basic skill. In addition to the basic effort, the team has also taken technical tactics and confrontation training.

Excellent coach is equal to the beginning of success

Youth training coach team is growing

“Excellent coach is equal to the beginning of success, and the excellent coach will correct the children’s D errors in time, the football foundation will be more solid.” Lu Jianhai told reporters that in order to develop better in Hainan, the coach is a very key factor. After a few years of recruiting bits to buy horses, the Sino-Sea Club, the provincial foot cooperation, has a batch of rich and strong, professional team experience, and coaches that the national character experience and professional football team experience. Among them, Li Zhihai, Yu Fei and Spanish Louis have a Class A Coach Certificate.

Li Zhilai and Yu Fei have experienced “national characters” experience. Li Zhihai, 39 years old, is currently serving as Director of the Hainan Provincial Football Association, he once represented Guangzhou Xuexue, and the Spring team participated in China, and he also served as the captain of the Guangzhou Nijinquan team. After retired, Li Zhihai made a young training and served as a assistant coach of the last U16 national team. 48 years old this year, Yu Fei was played in the Liaoning Football Team, Dalian Strong Team and the National Olympics. After retiring in 2004, I have been working in Liaosheng and other teams.

Li Zhihai believes that the technology, 1v1 offensive and defense capabilities, oppression (competition) capabilities are the “three rocks” that the provincial football team will improve the skills level must have passed, and the coaches will definitely encounter a lot of difficulties, so they ask the coach. It is necessary to improve coaching capabilities through discussion, learning, competition inspection, training guidance, etc.

The South Guangdong football is a famous, the former national youth team members, He Zhiji Zeng and Gu Guangming, and MSI, I will represent the Green Field of Guangdong Province for many years. In July 2019, He Zhiji, who had just retired, should be invited to Hainan Football Association to serve the Hainan Football Association as a junior training coach. To Hainan, He Zhiji was deeply attracted to the football environment and Hainan small players. He believes that Hainan small players can take a lot of hardships compared to other provinces, which is one of the important conditions for the success of football players.

The head coach of the Hainan Provincial Football Association U14, the U13 team of Huang Kanglin and Mai Yibei are from Guangzhou, and Liang Zicheng has played the Hong Kong League, Huang Kanglin and Mai Yipu have been effective in the Guangzhou R & F queue, and teached in Guangzhou R & F Soccer Schools.

In addition, Lin Shengguang, Qiu Liqiang and Chen Zhen Dong and other coaches are Hainan ‘s own good campus football coaches. The Provincial Football Association has a goalkeeper’s full-time coach Spanish Louis. Louis has brought a Spanish training method for the Hainan Provincial Football Association for the last four years. The children benefited a lot.

Hainan Football Development Health Index ranking national fifth

It is recommended to build the base to become a sports park.

“Although Hainan Youth Training is late, the level of youth is weak, but we are developing towards a good direction, gaining from the Chinese Football Association.” Lu Jianhai introduced that in August this year, the Chinese Football Association released “2020 China City Football Development Health Index Report, in the provincial level of football development health index, Hainan Province ranked fifth in 45.5 points.

He said, “2020 China Football Development Health Index” assesss the construction of talent construction, site construction, competition construction and organization construction, Hainan can rank fifth in China, this grade is not easy. This achievement is inseparable from the leadership, guidance and supervision of the provincial government and the provincial brigade, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

Recently, many departments such as the National Development Reform Commission have issued the “Guidance Opinions on Promoting Sports Park” (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”, it is clear to 2025, new or redeveloped 1000 sport parks in the country. Among them, Hainan target construction 9 Sports Park.

“Hainan Construction Sports Park can consider the basis of the provincial and affordable Qingqing training base to create a sports park for a football theme.” Lu Jianhai recommended that the establishment of the football base made Hainan play football children with “according to the ground”, not only the environment Ok, and there is also a wetland park nearby, and if the base coordinates plan, it will be a good news.

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