Top 16 national! Beijing football, the bureaucrat, 3 times "reverse" + player crying

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First of all, I wish the piano (Zhuhai) Football Club promotion China Crowdess Final (Top 16 “)! For this team, I believe that everyone is no longer strange, so the North Gate has been introduced in detail, which is a team composed of Beijing footballs. Since the March this year, a team of piano (Zhuhai) www latest news in hindi today stepped into a footprint toward the Treata League, the first stop is the Guangdong Provincial Football Super League, the team won the runner-up in September 3rd, gaining the Crowned Competition .

After 1 and a half months of adjustment, piano (Zhuhai) entered the Crown League Meizhou Division, after the opening of the bureau is not worthy of the unfavorable situation of the Hainan Linglin, and then won 2 consecutive victories, with the second achievements of the group M set out out.

On October 28th, Mikan (Zhuhai) met with N groups in Shanghai Mitsubishi Heavy Industry. At this point, it is called “life and death”, and the loser is directly out of the game. In the competition, Qin Macao (Zhuhai) once again encountered difficulties. He held a penalty in the first half of the first half.

On October 30, Qin Macao (Zhuhai)rediff com india news entered M, N-group’s debut, once again met with Hainan Lingshui. Despite the last time to fight for 0 to 3, there is no fear of the piano (Zhuhai), showing the courage of Broken bamboo, with a 3-0 victory, successfully got M, N group first place, successfully advanced the Crowd League The finals (top 16 national).

Review this journey, Qin Macao (Zhuhai) uses the actual actions to verify the inspirational quotes of “how to see the rain”, can be described in “reverse”, in the case of the first war, the group is out, at a few people passive Complete the advancement, get the head name in the context of mutual record. According to the Crown Finals, the 16 teams will compete for the quota of Chinese B leagues, and the piano (Zhuhai) will be in November, and the dream of achieving the professional league is only one step.

In the anti bjp news channels door, I have introduced you to the piano (Zhuhai) football club, leader Guo Ruilong, the head coach Wang Wei, assist teaches high Xiaofeng, the core Wang Shuo, etc. These Beijing footballs have written their love for football in their own actions.

Share a small episode, in the spotball war promotion, the door, the door brother and the Confucius took a call, the old hole of the old hole was hoarse, the sound said slightly: it is not easy, finally won! The players are crying! At that moment, I really feel that the hardships and difficulty of football people. Finally, I wish the piano (Zhuhai) from the Chinese crown finals, and realize their dreams as soon as possible!

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