Too fierce! The 11 people scored in the audience, James We had a hundred more than 50 minutes, and the treasure turtle tried his best.

The three giants played the last bullet, and the Lakers suffered three plus, and finally regretted that 137-141 did not expect the king, lost the game. In the alliance, the average age team has contributed to the crazy battle in this game. Wei Xiao was playing 51 minutes, James played nearly 50 minutes, and the brother has also played more than 48 minutes.

This is the first three-time battle for the team in 10 years since March 22, 2011. When there is still 2 minutes clock in regular time, the king once is leading 98-93. However, Wei Shao-fashioned dunks, Monk shot three points, James resembles the basket, and the Lakers succeed, reversed the situation. With the layup of Fox, the two sides became 100 flat, and the game entered the first overtime.

In the first overtime, the Lakers are still slightly placed. James, Wei Shao continued to fight, the inside of the inside caused fouls, and they were still 7 points in 2 minutes. However, the king is more flowering, Harripton, Fox, Hilde, with Hilde, with Hilde, withdrawn in the 3.6 seconds, and the two sides entered the second overtime at 112.

Wei Shao was very calm in the overtime, and the jump shot in several times was stable, and became the most trusted player at the critical moment. Although the full-time time is general, the overtime is slowly retrieved. Unfortunately, Fox is very dynamic, many deep prohibitions, both parties continue to draw, 124 flat war to three plus.

The physical strength of both sides has already lit red light, James, and Anthony here are more in trouble. The king’s Bagley, Hilde and Fox are young, and it has completed the connection. Wei Shao repeatedly grabbed the key rebound, Anthony even in 9.4 seconds, the magical renewal is three points, but Hilde does not work soft, winning the victory through stable free throws.

All games, Wei Shao 18 shots, three-pointers 4 in the 4th, 20 assists and 2 steals; James 25 shots 10, three-pointers 13 in the three points, 7 plates 11 assists; Zhenbei brother was cut off 23 points and 8 plates and 4 games, 3 steals and 4 cases. The Lakers scored 5 people, and the king scored 6 people.

Although this is a crazy fight, in the overtime, the players caught the old basketball. The lack of teamwork, only the star player one-on-one efforts were left, which caused poor offensive efficiency, and the Lakers finally lost their strength, lost the game.

Many players were filled more than 40 minutes, but they were unable to achieve a victory. Such a game, for the Lakers who have been older, it is simply a nightmare. The next schedule may make them feel more difficult and painful.