Today’s football: Juventus VS St. Petersburg Zenit Nottingham Forest VS Sheffield Union

Juventus VS St. Petersburg Zenite

Juventus recently: Juventus is not good in recent states, Serie A is a week, the team main Dibara, Morata, Locartli has 3 balls, the current foot is quite, in the past 3 times Zenite, St. Petersburg remained continuous score and won 2 games, the psychological dominance, the team offline performance is still stable, and the team has a record record in the nearly 10 events. Juventus is lost in Sa Solo at the home station in the main court last week, and the weekend is facing Verona, which is famous for the past, B & B, and kicking two goals in Xiaoshimoni. In the end, Juventus was lost in two consecutive points in the same 1-2, and Juventus only ranked eighth in 4 wins and 3 flat 4, which was a quite bad grade.

Zenite in St. Petersburg: The opposite of St. Petersburg is very good. aaj tak election update The Zenett League lost to Sochi and Tulamin Factory, coupled with the first trust of the two teams to be closed by Kucsefski Kicking into the key, St. Petersburg Ztenit is once lost, but Zenite has a strong performance of the two rounds of league, and 7-1 won Moscow Sabada, 4-1 I won Mosck Dina. Mo, Clanho, Azmont and Mostovoy have a good state of the new trident, and the main Jijiba has contributed, although Brazil Markha can’t appear, Zenite The strength is still strong, Juventus has lost 4 goals in the past week, once the defense line of the Zenburg Zenette is still a big problem once the defense line is still behind the Zenite of St. Petersburg.

This field: From the current situation, Juventus only needs the last 1 point, so Juventus still puts the main energy in the defensive, and the top of Juventus can accept, the cnn student news host initial giving Juventus must The support gradually decreased, which should be considered in the state of Juventus, and individual thinks that Juventus has a little difficulty.

Nottingham Forest VS Sheffield Union

Nottingham Forest: Nottingham Forest, a round of league in the offers 1-1 kicking the Queen Park cruise, winning the first level in the last 5 games, the team’s recent state is good, the team is now divided by total points 18 The position of the League 18, the overall capacity is not good, and there are currently 15 leagues to kick into 19 goals. Every game has a goal. At present, the team already has a player to get the ball, the ability to attack is good, but the team’s home performance is not good in recent years, only 1 win 1 flat 5 negative results, in the near future, 6 times and the Sheffield team to win 2 wins m indiatoday 1 flat 3 negative results, the only two games are at home, and currently for this game, Nottingham Forest is still a certain advantage.

Sheffield League: Sheffield League, a round of League, 0-1 lost to Blackpool is also the third game that the team is defeated nearly 5 league, the team is currently divided by total points 18 in the standings 17 of the position, is only the advantage of entering the number of balls before the Nottingham Forest. At present, the team main Sharp has a good 15 league. It is a player in the team. There are currently 9 players in the team to achieve goals, and the team offensive is a lot. But the defensive problem of Sheffield Lead, the current 15 league has lost 22 goals, the team is poor, this time with the advantage of Nottingham Forest is difficult to have.

This field: The two sides have a sagar full movie sanjay dutt slight advantage in the history of Historical hand, but the recent state of the main team of the main team is slightly some. In the recent historical hand, the two of the Nottingham Forest is at home, this time The tendency is not large, and individuals think that at least one point in Nottingham Forest is very large. # 文图 #
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