Three-week 34 collision four-point guard certificate said that the rules still do not change the rules

Since Krem Matthew, the topic of “collision four-defense” has become more and more intensified in the topic of collision, “collision four-defense” has become more and more intensified; The topic of the fans, all kinds of voices collided with the four-dimensional hypothesis. Even many players and coaches have many complaints, NFL still wants to maintain their authority, they say no changes to existing quarter guard rules.

Some media reports, although members of the NFL Commission are also “very uncomfortable” for new collision four-dimensional rules, but they decided to make any changes to any part of the rule, and once again clarified what fouls are collided Wave for a foul. On Thursday, NFL officially released a twenty, including a guided video, explaining how it is penalty under existing rules, how to not foul.

Although this tweet is intended to maintain the consistency of the referee, the actual effect is not known. At the very least, the disputes and complaints caused by this rule will not stop.

At the beginning of the season, three quarters: the crow’s Joe-Vlaco, the Head of the Heavy and Packaging Team, Rogers expressed his question on this rule. After three weeks, there were already 34 collisions, and the four-point sanctuary had blows penalty; in other words, the average collision will have a collision quarterfield for each three games.

If the speech of Daben Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones is just a little water, then the raid team 4-point guardian Drik Carl and the crow team defensive coordinator Tang-Martin Dell can say that it can be said not small on Thursday’s speech Storm.

Carl is the beneficiary of this rule in Sunday. Although they lost their games, in a collision, the Dolphin team’s Williams Hayez, in order to avoid this excessive contraction torsa, lead injuries. Carl is very sad when it is talking about this matter.

Compared to the speech of Cal sad, the crow team’s defensive coordinator Martin Dell said that it needs to be adapted to this rule. This is the argument that is not many “singing and reversing”. “This is not a good thing, because the quarterfield is laughing at this rule, but also ridiculed the alliance.” It is indeed, the context of this sentence will reduce the credibility of the referee. The crow is only a foul on the four-guards so far, and maybe the alliance can use the crow competition video tape as an example of explaining this rule.

However, this does not change the attitude of players and fans to this rule.

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