There is no James’s Lakers or will not win the ball, and the ban is 34 points, and Wei Sha will be tested.

Without James’s Lakers, there is also the two giants of Wei Shao and the brothers. The 2019-20 season lake is also a double giant combination. James + strong eyebrows will win the championship, then Wei Shao + strong eyebrows can not win, they Lakers becoming the western Jinli should have no problem? Don’t be too true, there is no James’s Lakers may be difficult to win, James is how important it is, the data is the best prove, James and Stewart’s conflict have been banned, James has played 3 games, field All data is 34 points, 8.7 assists 5.7 rebounds, you can’t believe that James is 37 years old, but the output of James is 34 points or cannot
guarantee the Lakers 3 battles 3 wins, only 2 wins and 1 loss The record, James cut 30 points 11 Assistant 7 rebound games, the Lakers still don’t have the enemy’s more reliable foreign countries, I know that the Lakers have no James, I am afraid that the winning will become more difficult, lack of James this comprehensive output The point, Wei Shao is to be tested.