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According to the Goal Japanese version, Lippi has recently congregated with Zhedcheroni and Safi and launched a discussion. In talking about Chinese football, Lipi said that “It seems to be returned to 20 years ago, everything is shrunk, including annual salary, no more great Brazilian players are willing.” Of course, the willingness expressed by Lipi refers to the foreign aid attracted by the domestic league. So is this really this? Does Chinese football have an impact on this piece of salary? And the Libe is talking about the Brazilian players, using “great” to describe it. So is our Chinese players are not great?


In fact, our Chinese football is going to develop. First, in the construction of the Qing training system, our campus football is in full swing. Especially the current U18 men and foots that Shao Jiayi and Antonio came to co-evident, which is the first batch of outstanding players who have developed from the construction of the Qing training system after the construction of the school football. Their predecessor is the U16 national team. The U16 National Team has rushed into the Asian Hoiel’s race under the Legend of the Legend of De Antho. Only the Siapan is not held as scheduled. Nowadays, the strength of this batch of players who lead themselves is actually very strong.

Shao Jiayi
Chelsea JerseyShao Jiayi

Moreover, many excellent players have emerged in the echelon of all ages of Chinese football. Whether it is the number of players or quality, there is obvious improvement than before. The Chinese football in the current Chinese team is more important to re-use or even more than 30 years old. This is more because the previous national football players have failed on excellent players. This is also due to the fact that the previous training system is not perfect.

China’s football has gradually improved the operation of the Kits Football Kits Youth Terrace League and the construction of the Youth Terrace League. Domestic outstanding players have a significant increase in population base. And our campus football has also been in full swing. This batch of players born after 2004 began to follow the outstanding players who have completely developed with the campus football. Our Chinese football is in an updated period. Chinese football, especially in men, is moving towards a good direction.

Shao Jiayi
Manchester United JerseyRider

And we will come to see the main church of Chinese men’s football in the attitude of Chinese football. He actually referred with “great” to describe Brazilian players. So now I will ask Ribi: Is Chinese players are not great? Chinese football is a Brazilian player who is “relied on high salary”? This is purely nonsense!

And Chinese football is developing in a good place. In terms of the operation of China’s domestic league, it is not necessary to attract enough excellent foreign aid, our football Liverpool Jersey can develop. On the contrary, the Chinese Football Association has made great progress in recent years in the continuous improvement of the operational mechanism of the football league and enhancing the construction of the Qing training system. If the domestic league is improved, it does not only rely on the road to attract excellent foreign aid, which also includes the improvement of the league operation mechanism and enhancing the quality of the Qing training system and expanding the base of excellent football population. Lipper evaluation of Chinese football is very inexpensive.

Moreover, the Lipi also expressed the Chinese football back to 20 years ago. And indicate that the salary shrinkage will affect Chinese football to attract Brazilian foreign aid? This is purely nonsense! If the league is not good, even if it attracts more excellent players, it is not able to enhance the business quality of the league. And if our league is good enough, there will be a lot of excellent foreign aids to take the initiative to come to China’s domestic league to actively exercise.

National football players
National football players

Chinese football is moving towards a good direction, and our real competitive level is gradually improved. The construction of the Qing training system is also progressing. Excellent player population base is increasing. We are relying on the advantages of good league operation to attract more foreign aid to the domestic club team to exercise, rather than relying on high salary to attract players. Lipper’s remarks are very inexpected, and his words are very unsuitable in denying the development of Chinese football. I believe that Chinese football will prove to the outside world through good results, and our players are great. Our football development is even more great.

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