The top 10 players in five data this season! Curry, Paul two on the list

The NBA of this season has been unveiled in the past two months. Most teams have passed, and the strength gap is also more obvious. Like rocket, magic, spurs, etc., the team, the rebuilt team, the current poor record will make the “timeline” in the season, the “rotten behavior”, is to fight for a high-time draft, and more probabilically pumped into a James or Duncan talented players, the team’s reconstruction period also ended.

In the case of the weak team, the fans still prefer to see the surprises of people, like the foreign army of this season, the current 16 consecutive victories of the Sun team, the Eastern Fiscar Bull, the buffer enters the strong team These changes and breakthroughs are undoubtedly more attractive to fans and media attention.

The top ten players ranked by five data this season:

5, steal list

(1) Car Luo’s average of 2.3 times

(2) Badler average 2.1 times

(3) Scart also 2.1 times

(4) Dezi Tai. Murray average 2.1 times

(5) Trent’s average 5.1

(6) 2 times in Paul

(7) Langzuo. Balla 15 times

(8) Ramelo. Balla 15 times

(9) Curry average 1.8 times

(10) Paul. George Average 1.8 times

Stealing in five data is most likely to be ignored by fans, he has no score, rebound and assists, and there is no accessibility of the cap, just as a media or fan measuring whether a player is an objective data of excellent defender. Although this data is relatively common, he needs a player to have a good pre-economy, rely on excellent height, arm exhibition or start speed steals to complete a steal.

Car Luoo as the first place in the current steals list, there is no salary of the salary space this summer, only for the renewal contract of less than $ 5 million, in order to better develop and higher salary. He finally joined the bull in a four-year $ 37 million, achieving a counterattack from a falling show to the team main rotation.

As the binder of the civilian team bull, Carru is played with positive fight, quickly supplementing the “four giants” headed by RV, and the current scene has been 7.7 points 3.8 rebound 3.9 assists 2.4 steals. Although single data is flat, it is comprehensive spokesperson.

In this list, the Ball brothers are also extravagance. Big brother with excellent outside defense and three-point projection stabilizing the bull team starting point guard, the three-pointer of the fans, the hit rate this season has been raised to 44.4 %, The seventh place in the High League, knowing that the three-pointer in the godbong library is not 42%.

The three brothers led the team with a super-star-like creativity to ushered in breakthrough. At present, the Hornets ranked 13 wins and 9-negative records of the sixth, Lamelo, Bauer, 19.4 points 7.9 rebounds 8 assists 1.9 steals Data has made him gradually replacing Hayward and become a new generation of wasp leader.

4, cap list

(1) Turner average 2.8 times

(2) Two eyebrows averaged 2.3 times

(3) Gobel 5.2 times

(4) Califord average 2.1 times

(5) Bangba average 2 times

(6) Jackson, Jackson, 2 times

(7) average of the letter brother 1.8 times

(8) Moburi average 1.8 times

(9) Huo Ford is 1.6 times

(10) Police, Polis, 1.5 times

Compared with any players, it can be done. Most of the caps of caps in the penalty area, this data has natural advantages to the inner center center, which makes him a list of the only monopoly monopolized by the internal player. In view of this season, the alliance has changed to the offensive rules, which encourages the body confrontation, so that there is more and more frequencies that have occurred, and the fans who like the body are wonderful.

As the king of this season cap list, Turner, No. 11 of 2015, didn’t have a more famous brother and Gobel, but recalling his career, there is currently twice to get a cap king, the career is also capped the ball is also 2.2 times. It is a single player with a single data alliance.

Can make a data to the top level of the league, naturally less excellent body talent, Turner has 2.24 meters of arm, which is the key to the stable caps of the defender, is the key to each of him.

Although the cap is the specialty of Turner, but this does not explain that he is an excellent internal defense, and each reckless jump guard is quite higher than the fourth fourth, this season Turner’s defensive efficiency 102.2, Row in the Alliance Less 67. Coupled with his shortness of the offensive, it is difficult to generate a sign of the signature of the defender, which is the reason why he is not reused by the coach Carlis.

In this cap list, there is a teenager worthy of us. He is this season’s exploration show Mobley. This season can be 14.5 points 8.1 rebound 2.5 assists 1.8 cover, compared to traffic and Higher thermometer Corningham and the Latlades Jay Green, Mobi’s basic skills are more solid, and the stars have been revealed for defensive selection and filling opportunities.

3, assists list

(1) 10.1 times of Paul

(2) 9.4 times in Harden

(3) True. Yang audience is 9 times

(4) Wei Shao 8.7 times

(5) Dezi Thai. Murray 8.1 times

(6) 8.1 times in East Chuanqi

(7) Ramelo. Bauer 8 times

(8) 7.9 times in Lillad

(9) Dramond Green Average 7.8 times

(10) 7.4 times of Lori

Assistant to change the noun is the help team friend, this requires a player to have excellent general concepts and passing capabilities. It is the so-called “train running fast on the front of the front of the head”. Excellent player organization.

NBA history is the most famous Assistant Master Stowton, this “iron” point guard, a total of 15,806 assists in the career, than Jason, Kidd, which is 3715.

As the absolute king of the current assists, Chris, a 36-year-old Chris, Paul, is not old in the organizational end, and the fifth assists in his career, and it is not too big to complete this achievement. Compared with the honor of the assists, Paul led the solar team who led 16 games than the fans. After all, he will help him, and the impact can be loaded into the history of the chance.

This summer, Chris Paul, in order to extend his career, give up the player options this season, the sun management considers him to help the team last season to get into the finals, and the leaders can help Book and Entton and other teenagers have grown, decisively choose to renew the contract with a four-year $ 120 million. At present, the operation of the Sun Management is very cost-effective, and Paul, who is in his career, still has a chance to touch the championship.

The other players of this list are frequent guests of the assists, except for the Spurs Teadrriend, Murray, the defender, which was cultivated by the Spurs, 2.95 meters, arm exhibition 2.11 meters), this season has 18.7 points 8.4 rebound 8.1 Assistance 2.1 steals, three data can be ranked in the forefront, the only lack of deficiency is 44.8% of shooting hit rates can also be further improved.

2, rebound list

(2) 13.6 average gauge

(3) 12.7 in Carpella

(4) 12.3 in Varancus

(5) 11.8 in the letter brother

(6) 11.4 in Sabinis

(7) Wuwood average 11.3

(8) 11.2 in Allen

(9) 10.9 in Nurkic

(10) 10.7 in Dramund

Like the cap, the rebound is also the world of the inner line, although the three pairs of kings weighing in the previous season, but after all, it is only accidentally, the above ten players have average than 2.10 meters, and then with the long arm Even if the original bouncing is limited, the advantage of competing for rebounds in the basket is that the defender and front line players are difficult to enter.

This season, the rebounding list is the French center Gibier. He has 2.16 meters of height, 2.35 meters of arm exhibition.
In the inside, open his hands to cover the sky, the physical fitness of the outstanding body makes him Become the inside of the jazz, and the career has achieved three best defensive players and a cap king. In the current situation, Gobel is a great probability of the first rebound king.

In the summer of 2020, the jazz team has completed the renewal contract with Gobel for a five-year annual salary of 40 million US dollars. This average annual salary of more than 40 million US dollars caused the fans. Big use, in the past two seasons, jazz is always difficult to break through the western part.

But this is the sorrow of the small ball. If you want to keep your stars, you can only give a more premium contract. Good in Gobel is the guarantee of the record of Jazz, and his strength in the team can be in the west of the first echelon. middle.

Among the top ten players in the rebound list, only the position of the letter brother is a big forward, this height is 2.11 meters, the dynamic talent history level, the forward player, relying on the excellent bounce, let him tyrannically, and more flexible He, if most energy is placed on the rebound, there is also a lot of probability to compete with the rebound king.

1, score

(1) 28.6 points in Kuri

(2) 28.6 points in Durant

(3) average of 27 points in letter brother

(4) 26 points in Yakiki

(5) Tre. 200.9 points in Yang

(6) Paul. George 15.9 points

(7) 25.8 points in Durzan

(8) 25.5 points in East Chuanqi

(9) Raven 15.3 points

(10) Tamum also 24.3 points

In the era of focus on attacks, the top ten players can be called the facade of the league, compared to the Division of Haden three, this season, the data of this season has a small decline, this is very The big probability is that the union has been significantly stricter than the revision of the offensive rules, and the scales are obviously more strict, encourage body confrontation. In this case, it is true super-star.

As the current alliance score, the Culier season is now personal offensive efficiency 117.4 ranking first, personal defensive efficiency is 96.7, the fifth row in the league, the objective data is definitely a super star.

At the same time, the net efficiency value of 20.7 in the Cul Lot is the first, the second value is more than 5.1, and it is known that the second TOE Ping (Knicks) net efficiency value is 15.6 and 10th Grant. The difference between Hill 13.3 is only 2.3.

Since this season, the Warriors leading the Warriors leads to 18 wins and 2 losses. It is the second good opening of the team history, second only to the 2015-16 season (20 wins and 0 losses, the opening season 24 games). If you keep good bandages to the end of the season, plus personal outstanding data, and there is a great probability that the Curre will harvest the third MVP trophy in your career.

As a Curre of the three-pointer, the career has been investing at least 7 tribial competitions, and the history is first. At present, the second is Harden. There are 42 games at least 7 points, and the third is Lilad, there are currently 37 games. At present, Curi is only 36 three-point gap from the position of Le Allen’s history, and we are about to witness a new historical record.