The temper is hot debate + Mr. Macho, Mr. Macha, is banned.

As early as this morning, the official position MLB officially opened a penalty, San Diego three collars Manni Mathado was banned, the reason was not to respect the referee and had a moving action, and the specific fines were not disclosed.

The cause of things is that in San Sheng Diego priests against Aroladoloky, Machado is sent to the referee Bill Welk controversial tape, and he swallowed three-vibrate emotional excitement. MLB officially said that Macha has too much aggressive and the referee has physical contact.

“Machado does not like the good ball with the referee, so he wants to talk, the main tribute is unable to argue, and Machado needs to be expelled.” The total coach Andy Green on Saturday I said after the game.

Manny Maxo has chosen to appeal to this punishment, which means he is eligible to participate in the game of San Diego priests against Milwaukee.

The 2018 release season signing the San Diego priest of the San Diego priest in the 2018 year has always been the “bad kid” in the field. He has once used the Violent Slim Slim Shot of Pedroa, and Royal Flagon pitcher dragonfly on a field.

This season,
Machamido hits the firepower to maintain a high-end level, and the season has been brought out of the season. It is 39 points, but the hits are 2% 61 slightly lower than the career average. In the defensive end, he did not retreat, and he mounted a good ball in the top several times.