The tears of the 9-year-old football team leader, behind the story

On October 28th, the Summer Falls of the School of Preschool, Ningbo, the Fall of the Communist School, and Sun Wenying Primary School in the area beat the opponent to win the opponent. Sun Wenying Primary School Football Team captain, fourth-grade student Zhang Dong, in the finals of the finals, helping the team against the front score. “Finally won the championship!” “Every day, it is very tired and very tired.” This age has only a 9-year-old football team captain, and I can’t help but cry after winning the game. Summary Time East Olympics such as Su Bingtian, full red, Malin and other excellent athletes, and team representatives with strong collectivist spirit, such as Chinese women’s volleyball, the story behind them inspire everyone, verifying sports to individuals, groups and national belts The intrinsic spirit and strength. And the story of the 9-year-old football star, like this, will also make us move.

Heart has a dream, don’t give up!

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Heart has a dream, full of sunshine; there is a dream in your heart, full of power. “This is the fourth year I greeted by the school, I am particularly excited.” I have finally dreamed of the year of injury and championship. A thing that allows the 9-year-old child to insist on so long, and even if there is a failure to face, continue to challenge things. This thing must be an interesting and very worthwhile. This thing has achieved his dream, sunshine, strength, initial heart … it is his colorful world, and struggles will never give up for it. Yes! Sports have such a charm! The things behind him are now.

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Know and humult, responsible!

Zhang Ming’s father Zhang Ming said in an interview that it has always been a director of the school football team. Last year, because of the injury in the game, Zhang Dong was forced to end in the middle of the way, the school football team only got the fourth place in the League. “Originally, their teams have a strength to win, he thinks it is because he is injured, there is no loss in the heart, and it has always been strong. Father Zhang Ming said that after a year, Zhang Dong and teammates came back from the beginning and finally won the championship through Liverpool Jersey efforts. This is the case on the sports arena, full of accident, not in the end of the game, no one guarantees must be a winner. The loss of the group competition is more unspeakable, there are individuals, teams, opponents, and other reasons, and as team leaders can be brave enough to take responsibility, and will be able to take this energetics into motivation, it is a responsible person who can People who are responsible for doing things, what can such a belief will beat him? What is the responsibility of such responsibility? The team behind him is motivation, the responsibility on the shoulders is faith, this is the power of sports.

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Grinding, understand!

It is understood that the father Zhang Mingjing also likes to play football. It is affected by Dad. Zhang Dong has chosen football in table tennis, badminton and football when he is 5 years old. 5 years old began to play football for four weeks, from uninterrupted. In his first grade, he joined the school football team. For four years, he has been a captain and is selected as the football team in Haishu District. After school, Zhang Dong held a three-day training, and never interrupted “Sometimes it is a bit tired, but I still want to stick to it.” As the saying goes, “three years old”, a child growing, to a certain extent, to see the potential of its future development. A five-year-old child insists on training, and how many adults can be reached?

Gems, tree goals!

In addition to playing football, Zhang Dong’s academic performance is also very excellent, language and mathematics are often the first place in the class. Zhang Ming said that “There is currently a lot of time to learn, there is enough time to learn, and we also ask him that there is no impact on learning.” People with strong sports skills, IQ generally will not be poor, plus the quality of the children, as long as he wants to do things. When watching the video, I can’t help but think about it. How is this kind of child learning? I believe that his academic achievement is both an expectation, and it is also expected. After all, the physical parenting will leave us too many impression of “simple brain, and the propruption”, this idea should be transformed. Dedication is comprehensive development, and sports educational function can be integrated with “five education”.

Quality, become a future!

Seeing the football teenager wins, many people said that “every drop of sweat and tears will not flow.” And cheer for this tough teenager, I believe his future will be very beautiful! Yes! “The people who have a sense of interest, the things, the break of the boat, the hundred and two Qin Guan finally belong to Chu; suffering from the people, the three thousand Erbend can be swallowed.” Has a strong sense of responsibility, honor and heart, have a quality child, believe Future is available. Whenever I see the changes brought by sports as “individual” or “collective”, Xiaobian is not happy, proud of sports, but also wants more people to understand that sports make life better. With sports people, achieve a better future, and bear the responsibility mission of sports workers!

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