The steel man will not renew the running guards Sacsson four years to cooperate well.

The steel man is still organizing the coach lineup.Joey – Potter didn’t have long, and James Sacon also left the steel man.

The head coach Mike Tomlin said: “I decided not to work with the James Sacsson. Thank James’ hard work in the past five years, I hope his future is smooth.”

Saxon joined steel people in 2014. He has served as an running guard in Vijing, guiding Adrian Peterson.Going forward, he is still working in dolphins, chiefs and Bill.

Saxon guided steel people’s scorpion starting results: 2014,2015 Ranked 16th, 14th, 2016, fell, ranking No. 20, 2017, ranking 31, 2018.

The lack of two degrees of Severed the best lineup, the top of Bell, Connected of 1470, the total number of propulsion, 13 reached.