The rocket will sign the 鹈鹕! It used to be Anthony, 3 years of turning 5 teams, first starting with the development alliance

Beijing time on December 3, according to NBA
reporter Sharms, according to many sources, the 14th New Orleans, the West, will sign with the small front striry-Clark that once played in the Rockets, which is reported to sign both parties. The next is a non-guaranteed contract, that is, the Pelican can cut off Gary Clark at any time. Of course, Clark also has the opportunity to leave the team and turn the contract, as long as his performance is excellent enough.

We know, Beijing time on December 6th, the Pelican team will go to Houston to carry out a game with the Rockets, and unfortunately, this game plus-Clark may miss it. Because the news revealed that although it is necessary to become a team member, Gary Clark will not immediately join the Dragonfly, but first go to the “Mexico City” team of the Alliance for a while, then go to Pelican The pizza is reported.

Inciry, Clark, may be very familiar with him many of the rockets. In 2018, Clark was in the election conference in 2018, followed by the Rockets and signed. In the 2018-2019 season, Gary Clark became an important player in the Rockets small forward position.

That season, although the Rockets have Kamero, Anthony, James-Ennis and Vincent-Edwards, but finally Anthony and Ennis were traded down because of the tactical system that did not adapt to the Rockets, Edwards Also has been developing alliance effectiveness, there is not much opportunity to return to the Rockets to play.

At that time, Gary Clark made Anthony’s substitute. After Anthony left, he was the first replacement of the main small forward HOUS, and sometimes it will debut with the start. In the rocket of the Rocket, Clark 2 times in the 51 game, averaged 2.9 points 2.3 rebound 0.4 Assistance 0.5 caps in 12.6 minutes, after a Salak contributed 3.9 points 2.2 rebound for the Rockets in 18 games. The average data, but finally by the Rockets.

After that became a free player, Clark was claimed by the magic team and spent 2 seasons. In 2020, Clark also joined the 76 people and the Nuggets, but the got has little
opportunities. In this year’s break, Clark did not receive the call of the NBA team. He has been waiting for the NBA chance to join the status of the free player. Now the Dragon is finally sent to Clark. Although it is only started from the development alliance, it is much better for this rocket to wait for a lot of opportunities.

Now Clark is just 27 years old. For a rookie, there is a chance to improve yourself. Moreover, Clark’s attack and defensive balance is also a very smart forward. As long as the squad team can reuse Clark, I believe this 27-year-old rocket will use his own strength to return the squad. In the 3 years, it has been tired of drifting, and he also hopes that he can stabilize the squad, and strive to be able to leave the team with his own performance.