The red scitch was smashed by a big score, the coach, the coach, the coach, wounded

On Thursday Gold Period, Arizona’s Red Shot lost to Denver wild horses at home at home, and the team’s record came to 1-6. After the competition, Steve Wilkes has summed up this game “unacceptable” in a word, which may mean that someone wants a cooker. After a few hours, local time on Friday, the offensive group coach Mike McKaya, the original four-point guards, Byron – Lefvche’s temporary offensive group coach.

“The season has been seven weeks, from the performance of our offensive end, I think it is necessary to make some changes, I just do it.” Coach Wilkes said at the press conference. Live to wild horses, Wilkes made a chance, coincidence is that McCoo has served as an offensive group in the wild horse last year. After the end of the 11th week, he was fired. This is the second year of success in the post of the offensive group coach.

Wilkes said that he is not full of McKay is not just the defeat on Thursday night. “Our offensive efficiency is not high enough, I said, I think it is a little bit simple to write with ‘not high’.” In McGao Under the leadership of Iraq, the offense of the Soldashing team is the worst alliance. The total number of single propulsions in the team in 7 games have never exceeded 300 yards, and the road attack has never exceeded 100 yards. The team was in place (11.1 points), averaging average scorpion (64.6 yards), the three-speed conversion success rate (23.6%), the number of the audience (11.9 times) Several data All bit column league countdown first.

David Johnson was considered to be the best running guard of the league, and now it is completely unsatisfactory, and the team has arranged the same tactics for Johnson every game, from the internal measurement, no change. The offensive front line is like a paper paste, buried Sam Bradford, and did not honor Jose-Rosen’s talent. Whether it is leading or behind, the team’s tactics are very inefficient and old, and we can still see the ramp 21-3, they still use the Johnson Susc.

The next offensive group coach Byron-Lefwi was seen by people, and the Star of Tomorrow, known as the industry. When asked if Lefvich is temporarily just a temporary attack coach, Wilkes said that it is difficult to say who will become the next official offensive coach. Originally, Lefvich was considered to be the successor of the Purchase-Aliis, the latter retired after the season, and the game was known for the energetic attack.

In addition to the need to continue to tune Rosen, Lefvi, there is also a need to activate David – Johnson. “You will definitely want David Johnson’s participation in the attack and ball attack, Byron has also worked here, helping David, they should have changed some changes.” Wilks Say.

Wilkes served as a guard group in the Black Panther last year, and hired Mike McCaki to attack after coming to the red scitch. He believed that such a division will help the team. Perhaps it is a limited level of McCay, and the row attack is very difficult from the beginning of the season. From Sam Bradford to New Show, Rosen, this transition only used three games. Yesterday, in the face of wild horses, Rosen threw three copies, two of which were turned into a backcross, which was psychologically hit for a rookie. It is worse, Rosen injured in the game, can catch up with the 49 people in San Francisco next week.

After losing to the red tones, Wilkes once said: “Now talking about changes, but everyone will be reassessive, we must find solutions, develop in the right direction.”

Wilks is very angry, and McCay is reassessing to lose jobs, he thinks this is the necessary condition for Purquan continues to advance. Where is the future of the red rook, but also to see how much Rosen can fulfill it, see if Johnson can be used correctly and see if Lefvic can compete for offensive group coaches.

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