The position of the general manager has a long time, the president is chasing Epre

For a while, the MLB snap-in period has already started a lot of signing actions. The New York has just determined their general manager, that is, the forever the general manager Billy Epre He has also become the general manager of the History of Metropolitan Team.

Although the identity of Epre is the staff of the broker company before coming to the Metropolitan, it is different from the former Bududi Fanwaenen. Before the angels served as the general manager, he had a scout and manager in Yangji for more than a decade.

“Epple experience, very good personality can attract players and staff to the Mandu, with the team together”, the Board of Metropolis Steve Cohen said, “he once in two big market balls Team work, he can help us more close to the goal. “

The strongest place for the forefront of the foreigner is to talk about the contract. He has successfully talked about Da Guxiang with less capital than other teams. And successful and Michara A contract with a 12-year $ 426.5 million, let him almost become an angel of life. Before he left angel, he also signed a hot top three bases in Anthony – Lennden.

However, Epre has liked to get some old will, these people have become an angel’s burden, after the metropolis exceeds Mickey – Karaway, Epre also put him as a pitcher coach, but he immediately burst Have a sexual scandal, the inner field of the inner field, the angel score under Epre is not very good, and four years in five years is only the fourth partition.

I can get a chance to reach the chance, Epre is also very grateful. “I thank the boss Cohen and Sandi-Oldes, after I took over, I have a lot of work, I will let the team go on the right track. “.

Like the angels and Yangji period, there is a lot of banknotes in Epre. Olders, president of the original team, wants to leave the team, and all the presidents to the general manager are looking for. But with Oldon’s stay, Epre will report to him, but how long can it last? No one knows how many rights are there in terms of signing the players, and no one knows.

Regardless of how to say, the general manager of the Metropolis will finally be stable, Fanwa Ningrid leaves last year, but his successor Jarid Potter broke the sexual scandal, temporary general manager Zak Scott At the end of the season, it was arrested because of drunk driving, which is also the epitome of the past two years.

In fact, Epre’s pressure is still not small, and up to 12 players enter the free player market, there are many cores. Former ace pitcher Nova Schindgard, I was taken by the angel team, and there was not much fault tolerance for Epre.

“Epple is very smart and very hard, the eyes are also good, there is he to lead the leaders, I will be very relieved, he will make the team better”, Oldes said.