The older the more gullible? Uncle Faffe cheated record discrimination against Jewish remarks

People say that the older the more gullible, that the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame quarterback Brett front – Favre’s body has been confirmed. Recently, video Favre uncle period were white extremists recording was released in the Youtube, this video France Ephesians used the speech discrimination Jews, caused an uproar on the Internet. On Monday, Favre apologized for his actions, saying his lack of alertness is so routine, lie recorded this video.

Favre said that before he received a request through a “Cameo” application called a veterans organization hopes Favre can make videos for them. According to the terms of service Cameo display, where users can buy from celebrities or athletes their own personalized video. And Favre is the one of celebrity services provided, each record a video he would get a $ 500 reward.

However, As correspondent reported on Friday issued a veterans’ organization was not requested to Favre, but a group of white supremacist extremist fanatical supporters, they offer personalized video to Favre contains discriminatory requirements vocabulary Jews.

“I’m Brett – Favre, where I was sounding Handsome Truth and GDL boys,” Favre says in a video: “In my opinion, you are the love of the motherland so good guy no matter what. difficult, you have to constantly remind myself not to let little things let you become depressed while you also will continue to struggle, never forget “freedom” and servicemen and women in the day of sacrifice, God be with you. “this passage contains a secret anti-Semitic remarks, but it is not very obvious.

And Favre said “little things” the word is “small”, the video is used as the discrimination of Jews, in fact, alluding to “small hats”, refers to the Jews with the overhead dome small hat, on behalf of Jews have color discrimination. This sentence really want to say is, “no matter what difficulties you have to constantly remind myself not to let ‘the small caps’ make you become frustrated.”

According to reports, in addition to Favre, including comedian – Andy Dick, and rapper Soulja Boy (Soulja Boy) have been kept in the dark to the user, long-term recording cheated some extreme remarks. Learned that he cheated after Favre uncle in Facebook apology, he said that the practice of the organization feel sick, and those who spread their hateful remarks deeply “saddened.”

“November 22, I passed ‘Cameo’ has received a request for support I recorded a video of veterans, this is a DIY video to personalize the software, which provides money to get celebrities to their custom personality for consumers greeting video service. I have already done about 50 such similar request, because I am also very concerned about these veterans and dogs are living in life, so I think this video is making me sound as veterans, so I recorded down. “

“A few days later, I learned that I have sent this request to turned out to be an anti-Jewish organization, they forwarded me this video, with what I do not know the code word to support their so-called career, but my intention is not in this way, so it makes me very angry. so I will I earn $ 500 ‘record fee’ to charity, I hope people can eliminate hatred, prejudice lay down, not confrontation. “

“Like most Americans, I am disgusted position on these groups, they continue to contribute to the current negative political atmosphere of the moment, I am worried for the role in which they played. I recorded this organization today issued the request and this video widely circulated on the internet, are used to incite social mood is a precedent. I wanted to pass ‘support men and women soldiers shed blood of our military’ such a message, but in fact he was misinterpreted. If I If I had known the unreasonable demands of the gang of criminals, I would certainly not record this video. so, bloody lessons before us, I hope all of us, including myself, need to remain vigilant. from ourselves, to protect this State no longer subject to similar reactionary rhetoric of threat. “

Uncle Faffe deceived is a very unfortunate thing, but for other stars on the software, they meet a stranger while on a social platform recording request should also be vigilant. This is a valuable lesson in the routine, and be like Favre such an influential former NFL quarterback stadium can be deceived, over the rivers, like the old fox would ditch in the river capsized.

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