The new generation of four-point guard against Demurohums laughs to finally unveiling the victory of the victory 34-20 Shengde

Beijing time September 11, 2020, the opening of the NFL 2020-21 season was held as scheduled as scheduled. The Kansas City Emirates met at home to play a last season of the playoffs Houston Texas, this unveiled battle can be said that the enemy meets each other. After the end of the game, this game was basically entering the junk time, the chief was easy to overcome the Texas in 34-20, and won the first victory of this season.

Last season, the Temporar people were retrogradened by the chiefs of the chieftain by the chieftain by the chief of 51:31, and then the song was fiercely fiercely by the chief. Super bowl champion. One of the Route Tempere’s Shu Shuo took their number of Dandle, Hopkins, sent their number one, and was sent to Arizona, and renewed four points in the two-day contract. Water Sen. The Emirates left a four-dimensional Weaphams and near-end Feng Kelsea.

Wonderful review

Due to the cause of the epidemic, most of the sports venues in NFL prohibit fans from admission, and a small number of balls allow a small number of fans to enter the field. Today, the main family of the chief has allowed 22%, about 10,000 fans on the spot. This year’s preseason is all canceled due to the cause of the epidemic, so the two teams are equal to the first time to stand on the ground.

After the start of the competition, the first attack was inspired by the first attack. After 5 minutes, Texas appeared again. This time, Texas’s four-point guards Shaun Watson, multiple times to this season’s newly joined external hand Brown Cook, leading Texas to easily hit red. Run David – Johnson rushed into the array in the first quarter, it was easy to get up to the array, 7-0.

The superb bowl defending champion has also retrieved it after the game, and the first round of the new show runs San Shuhua – Hailar played outstanding, many rush to take a large number, after driving 5 minutes, they are in the second After the first start, the quartz Swan Holmes passed the short pass to the near-end Edge Travis – Kelsea in front of the Texas Human Direct area.

Subsequently, the chief has shown a powerful control competition. After the promotion of 9 minutes, the quartz guard Patrick-Mahmus short passed to the outer hand Sashi-Watekins again, 14-7. Before the end of the half game, the emirate had a free kick and took 3 points, 17-7.

After the half, the Emirates took the lead in launching an attack. The offense led by the super bowl of champion is playing the clouds. After a few 5 minutes, it will be promoted to the German halfway, once again, it will play a wonderful performance. Edward – Hailar got the ball and rushed 27 yards, achieved reachable, 24-7.

After the fourth quarter, Texas people’s four-point guards Shaun Watson sent a copy, followed by the chief of the chief to the Red District of Texas. In the face of the gift, the chief of course is the ignorant, the quarter-saving horse Holmes connects the number of TARK-Hill to get the Dali, 31-7.

The game basically entered the junk time. Even if the Texas people quad-Bud Sha En-Watson found near-Termond Yordan-Akos, and they were also won a rush. Ball Daren, chasing the score to 31-20, but there is no almost left, just let you lose it is not too ugly. After the gambling kick failed, the chief was a free kick, 34-20, and easily won the first victory of this season before the end of the game.

Player data

The chief quadrota Patrick-Mahmems 32 passed 24, 211 yards, 3 times. Run Didwa – Hailar 25 running ball 138 yards, 1 time reached. Extracoring Saimi – Watekins 7 times, 82 yards, 1 time Deta.

Texas people quartz Sand Shaun-Watson 32 passed in 20, 253 yards, 1 copy, 1 time reached. Johnson David – Johnson 11th sports ball, 77 yards, 1 time to reach. External handwalle – Fuler 8 times, 112 yards.