The MLB of the 2021 season MLB is the best support pitcher, that is, Mariano-Rivira Awards awarded yesterday, and white hose Terminator Liam Hendrix won the prize, he was also awarded this awards for the second consecutive year.In 2020, Hendrik is also effective in sportswells, change the team, and signed a record-breaking contract without chaos, he cast a 71.0 bureau in the 69th play of Bai Soxi, only knocked Out of 45 security, it can take 113 three vibrations, 44 rescue opportunities, 38 times, for the most United States.At the end of August, Hendrik was mad tail, and after 13 appearances, it was found in 15.2, and he didn’t get it. This is a three-year $ 54 million contract that looks also, and they also won the first US-China championship since 2008, and the team history came in the competition for the first time.In fact, the data of Hendricks in the season is very poor. In April, the self-blade rate is only 4.35, but he did not drop his own division throughout May, and the self-sharing rate was chopped, and it was also considered a season. relatively stable.In terms of high-order data, Hendricks WHIP is as low as 0.73, which

is the lowest in the pitcher at least 45 bodies. The tri-vibration rate is as high as 42.3%, but the boost is only 2.6%, 16.14’s three-vibrating ratio is more incredible. On Fangraphs, his WAR is also up to 2.7, which is the highest in the entire big union.

In the past three seasons, Hendrick’s self-blame is as low as 2.08. Various high-order data is among the best, and he should now be the best contributor of the big alliance, and even one can be removed.