The last day is running in five years! Viking is 20 points to attack the collapse of the horses

November 18 (Wen / ESPN Courtney Cronin Compile / Love) 10 minutes later in the fourth quarter, the Viking team is at home, and the Exterior Sutanvon Digs (Stefon Diggs) In the side, the side is dancing, and the smile is called. Because they see the hope of victory.

Just a few minutes ago, he received a long biography of Kirk Cousins ??and completed the 54 yards of reached score. He has pushed 121 yards in the next half of the second half, and this time the Tower’s fourth time of the Viking Croup is also the second time in the second half of the second half.

The Viking team has also finally reached the 32 yards of Kyle Rudolph, and in the end, in the last 27-23, the Denver wild horse team, taking 8 wins and 3 losses, chasing the package team.

More importantly, the victory of this game is not easy to say. You know, in the first half, the US Banking Stadium of the Hill Hill, is as quiet as death. The first two sections have not been taken, let the wild horse get 20 points; however they rely on the frying of the next half, especially in the fourth quarter, cut 3 times, reversing the wild horse , Brewed 20 points behind the backward “Turning”.

Since the 49th team lost to the flash in the 2014 season, no team had lost a good game in half a lead in half a lead. Unfortunately, the wild horse has become this “unfamey egg.” According to ESPN statistics, in all of the football competitions, the final record of the first half of the team is 400 wins and 13 losses. After 2015, this figure came to 95 wins and 1 loss.

After the 49 team, the team has been winning in 97 when there is a team of 20 points and above in half. Before this game, the Viking team under the leadership of Mike Zimmer, there were more than 20 points and above in the past, and they were 0 wins and 8 losses. This time they will rewrite the record.

Compared to coach Qi Mreme, Coxsins may be more familiar with such scrutinies, this is the second big reversal of his career. The last time was his famous – 2015 led Red Leader to reverse the pirates in the 5th, and after the game, Coss is shouted in the player channel. “You Like That, this also becoming his name.

This game, the Viking team depends on the pavement of pavement by the wild horse to die, the previous alliance rushed to the Dalvin Cook This game was only 11 shots to advance 26 yards. The Viking team’s troupe also only promoted 37 yards, which was extremely lost. In this case, Cousins ??came out and opened the team to open the gate of the victory. In the game, he was 35 passed 29, and the passed the 319 yards. It did not have a copy of the 3 times.

The wild horse is one of the most shipped teams this season, and the home has been repeatedly lifted reversal. This time they bring myself to the away. If they are playing the shoots of Brandon Mcmanus after Dignsda array, they can’t get 4 points behind the Rudolf Daren; There is also no need to do it with your best to get it.

Despite this, they finally have a chance to win the game. After the Rudolf Dali, the wild horse organized an attack on the whole year of 6 minutes. The four points of Weedden-Allen showed excellent performance, completed two key four-speed conversion, all the way to lead the team to the position of the 4-yard line in the Red District of the Viking Team.

However, since the time left only 10 seconds and has not paused, the wild horse can only perform the ball attack, and the ball will end up with the failure. The Wanfu Maria, the safeguards of the Weijing team.