The home running competition, the player announced: the national union MVP leads the new show Alonso wants to pay Beijing time will be staged in the Subject of the Indian team on Tuesday, 2019.Eight powerful players, three rounds, competing for a winning bonus of one million dollars.The contrast situation of this current housing competition is:

Christian – Jeregia, Milwaukee Brewing Wine (No.1 Seed) VS Small Wara Dimir Grero, Toronto Blue Bird (8th Seed)

Alex Bregman, Houston Space Man (No. 4 Seed) VS Job – Peterson, Los Angeles Daoqi (No. 5 seed)

Pitt Alonso, New York, New York (No. 2 Seed) VS Carlos – Santana, Cleveland Indians (Seven Seeds)

Josh-Bell, Pittsburgh Pirate (No.3 Seed) vs Barronard – Akunia, Atlanta Warriors (Six Seeds)

The following is an introduction to the eight contestants of this competition, from high race seeds to low racemation seeds, seed sorting according to the number of home runs on July 3, Beijing:

Christian – Yaleqi, Milwaukee wineman (31-hastition)

The most valuable player in the last season is more excellent in performance this season. Jerich is the first player who has been playing 30th ownership this season. But if it is combined with the performance of the next half of the season, then Jeregi in this year can only be described in incredible, starting from the final season, this winemaker starled out of 56 home run – – And he has the opportunity to challenge the season’s 60 bangs.

Yelici is expected to be a winemaker player who has launched the championship in history. The last winning wine player is Prince Fielder in 2009, and he also has the opportunity to send 1998 The year of Ken Griffey JR. and 1995, the third victim MVP after Frank Thomas.

Pitt Alonso, New York (28th Barrier Playing)

Alonso showed his amazing power in his disposal, and the season had been broken by Darryl Strawberry, the season. He has the opportunity to become the first player in the history of the Metropolitan team (1986 History, Hembei and Hualie-Joea, a champion).

Alonso and the Hello’s home running more than 400 feet in the season, exceeding the sum of the other players. Alonso left the rod speed exceeding the number of home runs of 110 miles per hour second only in Gary-Sanchez, on April 11 he stabbed a homitor of 118.3 miles per hour, and the column of this season The fastest homer on the stick.

Jose-Bell, Pittsburgh Pirate (25th Barrier Playing)

After the 148 game in the 2018 season, only 12 of the 8th hits, the Bell Hall ushered in the outbreak – half a season, the 25th rampant, and only one of his careers. send.

Bell Bell’s ranks of 5 shots, leading alliances. At the same time, he and Bregman, Peterson, Santana, Grero, and Akunia have the opportunity to become the team’s first player who wins home baseball competition.

Alex Bregman, Houston Space (22th Barrier Playing)

The only player who participated in the home running competition last year, Bregman hoped that after the first round of the first round of the first round of 15-16, it was further in Kyle Schobo. He tried to win the first home running competition of the History of Space.

Although it is not a tradition of home runners, it is benefited from the ability to hit the ball and pull, Bregman started 53 homes from the 2018 season, and the 13th place in the Alliance.

Jock-Peterson, Los Angeles Daoqi (20th Barrier Playing)

Peterson is the only player with home runner except Braggman. In 2015, I lost to Todd Fraser, who was fighting at the Great Meijian Stadium, and Fraser’s reward time was thrilling. Like several other players, he also has the opportunity to bring the team’s first home base game champion.

Since the Dodge team restricts the number of left-players to face the number of left-vocabulary, all 20 of Peterson’s 20th era are facing the right, only Jeregi and Franmill-Rays are more than him.

Little Ronald – Akunia, Atlanta Warriors (20th Barrier Playing)

Just 433 counts of 26-year-old rookie season, Akunia did not stop his footsteps, this season, so far and the 20th matrix. As can be won, he will become the warrior player who won the championship of this event.

If he can finally win, he will become the youngest champion in the history of the 21-year-old game, of course only 20-year-old Small Wali Mir Grero also has the opportunity to complete this achievement. The youngest home running competition was Juan Gonzalez. He defeated the future celebrity player in the decisive wheel of 1993, at the time of the 23-year-old Xiaohan – Gri Philippine won the championship.

Carlos Santana, Cleveland Indians (18th Barrier Playing)

Before he was in the first time of the United Front, Santana will strive to win the first home running competition in the history of the Indian team – also has the opportunity to become the fourth in history. Player holding a cup in his home court.

The three players who have won the home base playing the https://www.mlbtrojerse.comgame in the home fans in the home base. The players who won last year of the National Stadium of the National Team. Todd Frazer and 1990 Bear Player Ryne Sandberg Ruigli Covered.

Small Wara Dimir Grero, Toronto Bluebird (8th Barrier Playing)

In less than three months of entering the big league, Grero ushered in the opportunity to show his amazing power in the home running competition. Xiaogrero is the youngest entrant in the history of the home, and there is also a chance to help the Blue Bird team’s first home running competition champion.

Famous member of the old Grro’s son Xiagrero is only 20 years old and 114 days in the home running competition, which is 116 days in 1990. In 2007, Old Greeo took the home base in San Francisco to win home, Xiaogrero looked at his father’s performance on the table.