The home base, Wang Davis, two years, renewal, the new season, the new season wants to lead the team and then in the playoffs.

MLB Heavy Cannon Handlers Today has renewed two years with the Oakland sports operators today. Since the season of the 2016 season, Davis turned into the alliance. It became the alliance. It was clear that he would clearly expressed his hope to stay in the sports team after the end of the 2019 season. Now Davis’s wishes come true.

Chris Davis is MLB since the beginning of the 2016 season, the home run is playing the most productive player. The Auckland sports home’s home Alamenda-gun is Davis’s blessing. According to sources, this two-year contract is $ 33.5 million.

31-year-old Davis expressed his hope during MLB in the MLB in MLB. This is the end of the 2019 season, Davis will become a free player now has the opportunity to continue to play two-year home base for the sports team.

“Since I came to Oakland, I always think that this is a special place.” Davis said in an interview. “I like the fans here, my teammates make me feel like a big family. I never I want to stay in Auckland, because this is my true feeling, I am very happy that I can continue to call Auckland as my baseball. This team is bright, I am very happy to do in the ball. contribute.”

As a 2018 season is Chris Davis’s career year, the regular season played 48th era Ranked Rankings alliances first, and he also helped the Auckland sports team from entering the playoffs since 2014. Davis in the 2019 season has been prepared to won the throne of the Horde, as of 20 games, he has been crazy to play 10 spokes.

Davis in recent years of strangeness is very eye-catching. In the past three seasons, Davis averaged 44-haired hits and amazing 112 points per season, and the total number of 143 rampages were also ranked first in three seasons. Recently, Cross Davis is the 124 bombing of the New York Yangji’s foreland MVP Jankolo Stanton.

Some data indicate that the power of Chris Davis has reached the elite level of the Alliance. When he faced Baltimore Gold Wath, Chris Davis played a career 2007 in his MLB 2784. Baseball, it is the fastest player of the active player to reach 200 bombards.