The head of the tiger is obsessed with the wrong person.

November 26 (Wen / ESPN BEN BABY Compilation / White) Andy Dalton is coming back, just like he has never left, maybe he has never left, for this Dalton Also very distressed.

On November 25 local time, the Cincinnati Tiger team replaced the first quarter of the quarter from this season, Andy Dalton returned to the start.

Mammaking Teacher Zac Taylor said that the Tiger team will re-send the old Dalton to the New York jet in the thirteenth week.

When the first grade coach Taylor took Dalton in the replacement, the team was doing the four rounds of Xi Len-Finley (Ryan Finley), the team did a long time to leave the first two-wheeled show and the main Dalton main force Preparation, they want to give Philiph chance.

After the eighth week of Dalton, the Dalton was first sold in three games. Now he hit Taylor’s face.

“This is not an easy decision, it is very difficult for us.” Taylor said: “We have made this decision twice this year, but we will always make the most favorable choice for the team, now we let the security Di once again shaped. “

Taylor said something a bit could not be minded, because he seems to say that the three games have time too short, not enough to completely assess a rhetorical quadrant. However, shortly after the Tiger 10-16 lost to Pittsburgh, Taylor changed his mouth, saying that he felt that it was necessary.

In three, the first hair, Finley added only 474 yards, and the mid-point rate is as low as 47.1% League countdown first, and the 2-time Daren and 5 mistakes were passed.

In the game of the steel person, the high school student of the University of Northern Carolina promoted 192 yards, 1 time, 1 time dropped, this is the third game of his three games.

Taylor lost to the Los Angeles ram after the eighth week to activate the Fini, in part, in order to assess the fense as much as possible, because the team is preparing for the 2020 draft.

At present, Cincinnati Tiger is the only team that does not win without winning. The first time in the next year’s draft selection conference is far leading, and the team has two winners, which can be said to be a pouch. .

“He tells me that he must consider the future draft, so we must see what the potential is there.”

Dalton was put on the bench and had a dialogue with Taylor: “This is the last result. But most people still see clearly, they think I don’t cause this failure season.”

The performance of Finley is too bad. He did not exceed 13 points in any of the first hair, and the average passed the ball can only advance 4.9 yards, so Thaler has changed and change him.

The tiger coach is also very depressed. He is unclear why Finley is so bad in these three games. “I can put many players to that position, but the result should not have too much change, really, you will see that our game this year will know.”

As a two-round show in Cincinnati in 2011, Dalton has always been the first quarter of the tiger team. This year’s eight games, Dalton has passed 2252 yards, and the passing hit rate is 60.4%, and the 8-time Dali and 8 are copied.

Dalton’s password (30352 yard) ranked second in the history of the Tiger Team, the number of passes (197) and Ken Anderson were first.

Taylor said that Dalton had a very positive conversation between several weeks in recent weeks. On the road to Tiger seek the first wins, this old four-guard has always been the first choice.

Anyway, it seems that Taylor moved his stones and smashed his feet, and the Cincinnati’s people’s complaints did not have people. For him and the team, this will only make bad seasons worse, absolutely stepwell.