The Emperor is catching up with a reunion! Jet activates star running 卫 Bell

October 11 (Wen / ESPN RICH CIMINI Compile / Aibao) Open season 4 games, loss main four points Sam – Dolnod, there is a suspected new crown case in the team … New York Jet Since the 2020 season There seems to be no good news. But now they can look forward to the upcoming competition, because their main running Wilvie-Bell is back.

The team has taken Bell into the list of 53 people. Bell took the left leg legs in the first week, until he returned to training this week, and the Saturday team made a decision to prepare him from the injury. Among it. Bell’s return is crucial to the tensor of the tensor, and their previous offensive performance is very bad, ranks 31st in the score and propulsion of the total number.

At that time, the team coach Adam-Gain uses Bell worthy of focus, Bell is missing, and the burden of the pavement offensive is from the old man. Gore. The 37-year-old old will be ranked in the top of the historical rushing list, but in the past few, his efficiency is not high. The team was running 49 times in 64 rushing running, only 150 yards, the squash codes were 3.1 yards.

“I think he will be very effective.” Gates said in Bell, “he did very well in maintaining health and maintaining the body, he kept his weight, I think his state is even more than The first game in our season is better. “

Bell did not show too much in a short play. In the first game, he only had 6 shocks to advance 14 yards. He took the legs in the second half of the last half, but The third quarter is still trying to play, perhaps the injury becomes worse. After the game, the decision to allow Bell returned to the competition is simply “crazy.”

Don’t look at the jets of the jet, the squad is up to 4.1 yard, that thanks to the four points of Sanord, in the last game, he completed a 46-size shot of a gantry, which is the longest season. One shot. Removing this effect, the road attack efficiency of the jet is very low.

However, this week’s quarter-branch of the junction will have a feeling of the Vintage Edition of the United States of America, because the top of the top of the front of the crow’s super bowl MVP, 35-year-old quartz Wei Qiao – Vlaco, and Bell’s past also effect on the steel man in the United States of America, which will be a little embarrassed.

The last time in Vlaco will be traced back to the last season on October 27, on behalf of Denver wild horses, it will be nearly a year, and this old will wait a chance to prove that he is still there. And who once oppressed today’s teammates Bell how much? We will wait and see.