The dispute of the international contextual situation is extremely fierce

The time flies, and the blink of an eye is mid-December. The NFL regular season has ended 14 weeks of competition, close to the end. However, in the next three weeks, there are still many teams to fight for the playoffs. Today, let us sumize the current playoffs, see which teams have been great, which teams have hoped. We have already analyzed the situation of the United States, and now take a look at the state of the country.

1. Team that is already or is about to lock in the season: New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rasca, Chicago Bear, Dallas Cowboy, Seattle Hawks

The situation of the national association is more clear than the United States, and the ownership of the four champions of the four champions has also been settled, and one of the two outer cards has also basically determined.

The two teams of the Saint and the Ram are not only double-double locking the championship, and the leading bear team 2 winners in the absence of 3 games, which means that the two teams are also getting closer and closer. However, taking into account the nine in the last five seasons in the seeds in the super bowl (except for the 2016 season of cowboy), the two teams now have not dare to relax, and we must do our best to compete for the first trip to the country of the season.

Although the bear and cowboy have no first round, the situation has been great, all in the remaining three games, just win a game, or their chasers (Viking, Eagles and Hongki) One can guarantee the two teams to lock the championship. This season once 3 wins and 5 losses cowboy now actually hopes to advance to the playoffs two weeks in advance, and it is shocking. The bear team is more than 7 years of returning to the season, which will undoubtedly let the fans are rejoicing.

After winning Monday Night in the 14th week, the Habi’s record reached 8 wins and 5 losses, although it had already determined the championship of the competition, but at the same time they also achieved the leading advantages of 2 winners in the external card battle. The next three games also included 49 people and 2nd fish, so they should not be a problem.

2. There is a team of hopes in a big season: Minnesota Viking, Carolina Black Leopard, Philadelphia Eagle, Washington Red Leather

These four teams, although the best Viking people in their records are just 6 wins and 6 losses 1 flat, the most powerful people in the remaining outer card quota. The Viking team currently occupies the initiative, while the other three teams must win more than Wiki people.

Although the worst performance of the season has just been playing in Seattle, Viking is still the most hope to get the second outer card. The team currently leads the best of the three teams in half a winner, and the remaining three opponents are dolphins, lions and bear teams. When the closing war, the bear should have been locked the championship, which is likely to send a replacement. Such a schedule is already very good to a championship last season.

The three competitors of Viking people have their own problems, and the 6-win-2-negative black leopard is now five-game defeat, and there are two games in the last three games to face the national leader. In this case, they want to reverse the decline, I am afraid that it is not easy.

The defensive group wounded, the eagle team just gave the championship to the dead enemy, and then faced the two of the ram and Texas people, the two recently wins their own team, this can be said to be the current United States In the team of all competition cards of the country, the devil’s schedule.

The red skin is worse, and the four-point guard of No. 1 and No. 2 is sold. Winning hope.

Therefore, even if the team is very close to the race, there are also many difficulties. If you are now, any of these four teams, even if you enter the playoffs, I am afraid there will be too competitive.

3. The team hoped in the playoffs: Green Bay Packaging Workers, Tampawan Pirates, New York Giants, Detroit Lions

The packaging team is not so bad. If they burst into the ball in Chicago next week, the Washing state of the black leopard, the eagle and the red skin, the packaging worker The hope of the playoffs has greatly increased. Of course, the premise is that they can really defeat the bear team, and the Viking is really losing 2 games in the remaining 3 games.

Packaging work advances need: 3 games + Viking people lose 2 games + Black Leopard losing 1 game + Eagle losing 1 game + red skin losing 1 game

Pirate advancement needs: 3 games + Viking people lose 2 games + Black Leopard 2 games + red leather 2 game + Eagle losing 2 games + packaging industries 1

The conditions required for giants and lions are the same as the pirate.

4. Teams that have been oriented in the playoffs: Atlanta Falcon, Arizona, 49 people in San Francisco

These three teams can set up the operation of the rest. The rickets and 49 people have already determined the playoffs. And the falcon will lose 1 game, or the Viking will win 1 game, will not play the playoffs. (Of course, if the residue remains in the remaining game, the results of the additional 13 games are beneficial to them, they can still enter the playoffs, but this happens is too small, we are ignored. )


In this year, the situation of the national association is that the five places have been basically determined, the focus is all in the second outer card, this is not rare, but rare is the four teams of the second outer card, There is currently a big problem – all the four teams will be lost in the 14th week, and this is also reflected in this. It can be said that from their 14th week, the four teams are not like the team’s team, will have a seasons in the middle of them, they can’t help but give one “clicks The feeling of.

Speaking of this, we may wish to assume the results of the game in the next three weeks, if every game is a wins the winner, a reasonable hypothesis), and the last week of the eagle and the red skin direct match is the eagle wins The words mean that the last three games of these four teams will be 1 win 2 losses. In other words, Viking will come to the season with 7 wins and 8 losses. 7 wins will become a foreign card team in the alliance history. (The two seasons of the two seasons, the 2010 dolphins and the black pantles in 2014 are the championships, not external cards).

Interestingly, the record of the regular season does not mean that such a team will be washed in the playoffs. In fact, there is a lot of such a team, including the 2014 Black Leopard, 2011 Wild Horse, 2010 Hawks, 2008 Lightning, 2006 giants, 2004 rams and Viking people have won the outer card in the case of the playoffs in the playoffs with the record of 7 wins or 8 victories.

Rugby is not round, but on the football court, what is the same situation can happen, such as the dolphins we have seen in the 14th week reverse the patriots. So last three weeks, the last outer card quota of the country will spend anyone in the end? We will wait and see.

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