The annual world contest https://www.fanbutikk.combegins. Given the two sides of this contrast from the red socks from Boston and Dodgers from Los Angeles, these two teams have a history of more than 100 years. Now it is also the most hot two teams in the alliance, so this series Ticket prices must be a high price.US Yahoo Sports has been reported on the ticket price of this World Series Competition.Boston Red Socks Home – Fenwei StadiumAccording to the information of the US local booking website, the average price of the world series competition in the home series of Fenway Park is $ 1,718. This price is the fifth high in the world contest in the past 10 years. Among them, the first and second fares of the series are the most cheap, and the average spending for each ticket takes approximately $ 1,000. However, this is just a average cost – if you want to find a good place to watch the ball, then you have a big money. According to the Boston Global News, some people bought two front row seats next to the visiting preparation area, and the price of each seat was up to $ 10,000.As the home court of Los Angeles, the fare of Dodge Stadium is slightly different than the Fenwei Stadium. The stadium can accommodate 56,000 people – the number of seats is more than 18,000 compared to the Finweis. Due to the number of tickets in Dodge Stadium, the fare is relatively low. The average fare of this series of games is $ 1,290, which is 54% over the 2017 World Competition.However, the decline in the 2017 fare does not mean that the fans will not be interested in the game. In 2017, Dodge team compared to Houston Spaceman’s record better, and there was a home advantage, and the world’s big road has 4 home

(1st, 2nd, 6, 7 battles). This year, the Dodge team only has three home, and the most crucial two or more competitions (the 6th War and Chapter 7) will be held in Boston. Of course, this series may not be able to do it, but in general, the fare of these two games is the most expensive in the entire world contest.

However, there will be some “cheap” ball tickets before the start of each game. In the first few hours before the first game of the World Series, you can buy a price of only $ 344 on the booking website. Of course, this seat is not so ideal, you have to sit on the upper stage, the top of the head is the scoreboard. The minimum fare of the second battle is also $ 374. Wait until the series of immigrants, the lowest price of the Stadium will rise, the cheapest 3rd game fare is $ 660, while the 4th game is $ 801.

All in
all, if you want to watch a World Series competition, you may have to spend a lot of money. But if you really do just want to see yourself to see the most talented players in the Alliance in the most critical stadium, then you have a lot of spectacles to 400-800 dollars to see a game.