The American Tiger announced that it will hit the four-point guardian in the remaining season.

December 3 (Wen / ESPN Michael Dirocco Compile / White) “Ming Xiu Frenzy” Hold the United States earlier this season, many people insist that the four-defense position of Jacksonville Americas does not have problems. Nick Falls, in the first game in this season, the former super bowl MVP injury is ready to reconnect the team, and it is not ready. After the 10th week of the regular season, the American tiger made a change after the pirates of Tampawan.

Last December 2nd. Ji Tiger’s main coach Doug – Marrone announced that the Gardner minShew will serve the first quarter of the last month of this season, and it is considered to be the mainstree. After returning only three games, I sat up to the replacement.

“Obviously this is a difficult choice.” March said at the conference call: “Nick has just recovered from the injury, and we didn’t see the performance of the performance, really. I am talking about them, but not only Single finger a person. Because our current work is not in place, we think that Kadner’s flexible legs and floating pass will make us win the opportunity to win, “

Mingxian replaced Falls in the second half of the bursts of pirates, while Falls played extremely bad. In the first three waves, Falls were sent out of the ball three times three times. This is the first encounter after Mike Glennon, 2017. Quarter. After that, the Jaguchi three waves were continuously out of the bureau, and they only pushed 105 yards in the first half of the first attack. Ma Li said after the game, he wanted to attack some sparks, and now it seems to be “dead”.

In the second half, he came out, even though his performance was better than Faves, but still did not plan the Jaguo from 25 points behind. He came out of 147 yards 1 to 1 time being copied, the only copy was due to the ball of Dede Westbrook because the external connections occurred secondary. Maung said that he told Monday that he would serve as the first quarter of the season in this season, and Falls have accepted this reality.

“NFL is so cruel, this is a difficult decision.” Mulong said: “He (Falls) will not be taken, will fight hard, he is a great professional player, so he will do it. He can help us win the game. At the same time, we must prepare to prevent injury or other situations, he is this expert. I like him very much. He is a great quadruple It also obviously can win the team in this alliance, but we must first help him build a help. “

Since the self-study, Falls has passed a total of 661 yards in less than three games, and the team will take 33 points. Falls incurred fans in the game against pirates, especially when he returned to a locker room in midfringing, it was the sky, and the Malen had no choice, but she had to press the Work on the bench. In March this year, the American tiger and Falls signed a four-year 88 million US dollars, including more than 50 million guarantees.

The loss of Sunday leads to the Jagu Tiger’s record to 4 wins and 8 losses, this is the 11th failure season for 12 years. The rest of the four games, the next stop of the Jagua will also lose the same 4 wins and 8 losses and three landing Los Angeles lightning, while the post-court challenges the Auckland raids and Atlantan Falcon, and the last week is home to the Indianapolis Pony end conventional Match.

Falls’s American Tiger Show only lasts less than a period of time, and he encountered a clavicle fracture in the first week of the game. He completed the 35-yard pass to DJ Chark in a one-end attack, but he was a fierce collision of Chris Jones by the ball in a moment of the ball. The field accepts X-ray examination, and the final result shows the clavicle fracture.

The Ming Hugh is hidden to the top of Falls. In the next eight games, the Mingdu led the American Tiger to win 4 wins and 4 losses, and the 2285 yards were pushed to 13 times to more than 4 times. The American tiger fans want to make a black break, they love the hair band and personality of the personality, he is in the court, and everything is everything, and it has a strong personal charm. The macked beard, hair band and dress plus the elegant playing style, leading to this nameless rock quarter-off guard triggered a “Ming Xiu crane”

Falls needed to adjust, the head of the coach said: “I believe he is still a four-point guard, but I think that this is not a position or a person problem. This is a team of sports, you need The people around him also do work well, but now we are obviously a mess. So we just want to get more players who have more adaptive games to help us get the best results. “