Thank God to help! The fast ship 5 battle 4 defeated the Lakers, the sixth Luocheng, the sixth rush brothers

Beijing time December 2nd, when George’s first quarter was lacking for the first time, the non-nuclear boat lost to the nearest to change the handsome, but the ship was not only encountered by 3 links, and the last five games were only 1 win and 4 negative records. The speed of the ship fell to 11 wins and 11 losses, and the Lakers were 12 wins and 11 losses against the ultra-super,
and Luocheng Shuangxiong undoubtedly a “hard brother”.

When George once led the hull to play a wave of 7 consecutive victories, the fast ship became one of the hottest teams in the western part, and it was among the first four seats in the western part. Why, recently, the clippers were in the crisis. In the face of the crisis with the King’s battles, the team’s core George seasons were injured for the first time, let them fall into the nuclear model.

The first five tigers of this verse have 4 people to pull, only the Zums 10 8 gets 17 + 7 performance, and the remaining 4 are reimbursed. Little Morris 9 1 get 2 points, Ibaka 8 2 get 5 points, Bradsso 5 get 8 points, Leiji only 15 5 get 1https://www.nbatrikots4.com2 points, but the bench group 4 people scored But it is not possible to save the team.

The fast ship lost to the king encountered 3 games, and the last 5 games only had 1 winning and 4 loss records. In addition to defending the piston, the traffic ship lost to the Supreme, Warriors, and the king, the record became 11 wins and 11 losses. 5 winning rate, it is also the first six in the western part by the Lakers, and the king will help the lakes to rise to the 6th place in the west.

The Lakers and Clippers of Luo City are in a bad situation. The Lakers core James confirmed the new crown. The homeship lack of small cards, George is also injured, is worrying about the fighting power of Luocheng.