Talk to the privilege of the king of the chicken ribs in the career boxing stadium

10. The best example of John Stowton “Uncontrolled” is Stowton, the front of the NBA history, the front of the 19th front, because it is not optimistic, in the university, in the beginning of the NBA It is just a replacement until the age of 24, he has become a stable starting point guard until retiring. Stowton five times selection of the best defensive line, 10 times, and entered the famous Hall of House, it can be described as “Pass Master”.

9. Dennis – Rodman Rodman is still 10 inches at the age of 20, 34 years old, supporting Jordo Dan and Piphon, is still in the peak, he is 25 years old to enter the league, but it is not a first time in 28 years old. Player. But can’t deny that Rodman is one of the best defenders and rebounders in NBA. The career will get the best defensive player, five times to win the championship, and once seven years of seven years of elect the league king.

8. Steve Nash, you may not think that Nash is almost enrolled in the university school door, and more than 30 colleges refused him, and after entering NBA, until the fifth season became an important Players, but Nash career got MVP, and also the famous “Master of Pair”.

7. Ben – Wallace “Big Ben” Wallace has got the best defensive player in four degrees, but his NBA career is also open, because at the 1996 election conference, this-Wallace directly
In the election, he went to Italy to play, but he was in the 26-year-old, than Lubeps, Hamilton, Prince, Rashide Wallace and Ben-Wallace set into a “bad kid army”, take Go to the championship.

6. Bruce – Bao Wen’s four years in NCAA. At the beginning, he participated in the draft, and went to overseas league playing. When I was 30 years old, Bao Wen joined the Spurs and became a sharp line of Bobovi. Dollar, until retired, he got a total of three championship trophies for the Spurs, and set down the sweat work.

5. Changxi – Bi Lubushby, who had been arrested in the university during the university, but he was sincere, although it was widely optimistic when entering NBA, but until the age of 2, became the top point guard, led the piston Get the NBA championship and be elected for the finals MVP.

4. Sam – Kassel Cassel broke out at the age of 2, which was the third season after he entered the NBA. He finally became a stable score hand, Cassell career is in the rocket, the sun , Calf, fast ship, basket net, bull, forest wolf and Celtics, Zeng Zude got the NBA championship.

3. Kyle Lorelo is not warm in the first few seasons of the NBA, in the six seasons of the Grizzlies and Rockets, he is unstable on both ends of the attack, but after coming to the Raptors, Lori gradually became a top point guard and became the NBA All-Star Game.

2. Doug – Christiell is three years in the university, and in the age of 22, it was until the 1996-97 season, he was 26 years old, only in the NBA standing, he was considered “Kobe Terminator “And one of the important players in the 21st century.

1. Hassan-White-Waitze Whitseld is selected by the king in 2010, but there is no chance in Saicheng, he has come to China to play, returning to NBA at the age of 25, playing the price in the hot fire. Today, he has become a Mr. Yili, which is an NBA Super Center.

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