Steelman Brown pays 33 people in the group rack 33 people are affected by 2 minutes conflict of penalty of $ 700,000

November 24 (text / ESPN JAKE Trotter Compile / Love) NFL’s practice is the first round of punishment before the next round of the game, so the conflict of the Pittsburgh Steel Strong Team and the Cleveland Brown team The incident has been in the past a week, even if the Brunt’s defensive end of Myles Garrett is already issued early, but what they need to pay is “late”.

NFL is a “bright code” penalty for similar conflict events, so you can see a long string of name on a ticket. In this incident, a total of 33 players faced a punishment. Among them, 29 players including the steel people’s Mingka-Fitzpatrick and the Brunt’s Jarvis Landry, were fined $ 3507 due to violations.

As the main participants in conflict events, the Brunt’s Galt has been banned in indefinitely, and he still needs a penalty of $ 45,623. Because he took the steel people’s four-point Swan Mason, the helmet of Mason Rudolph, and talked to his head; The shadow is covered. This week, Grett also appealed in the ban on the context, but was rejected, and he will also lose $ 1.2 million in salary due to the six regular seasons missing.

The other party of the event did not stop, but he was fined 50,000 US dollars in everyone because of the violation of sports moral fouls. Steel people’s stroke, Maurkice PUNCEY, the appeal, will be banned from three games to 2 games, but he will still be a fine of $ 35096 because of the inside of the trip, punch.

Another Brunt, who was banned, was defended with Larry Ogunjobi, will still face a ban, but his 10527 US fines were revoked after the appeal. In addition to all team members were punished, in the early post-issuings, the steel people and the Brunt were fined $ 250,000. All penalties were added together for $ 732422, while the collection of fines will be used to pay for the NFL player injury.

In addition, three players were fined for a fine before this conflict, and these three came from the Brunt. Brown Safety Delumius-Randel (Damarious Randall) was a fine of $ 2,8075 because he hit the head of DionTae Johnson in the competition. The brain is shocking, while Randel is also sent directly by the foul.

There is also his corner of the same amount of a penalty with Landel, and Williams also a fine of $ 21,10056 because of fierce hit Rudolph.

Now all the focus is concentrated in the next week, because on December 2, Beijing time, the Brown team will go to the “second battle” between the two teams of the steel people; we naturally do not want to have similar events. The hot scene, but it is not difficult to speculate, this game is bound to fight the real knife.