Socks war is late to cause being exploded? Sevilino: a gap!

On October 10, Beijing time, New York Yangji was defeated by the World Herb Bosteon. This result is a big enough, but the wind wave outside the court will also ferment a while.

The third game of Yangji team first pitcher Louis Sevilino

The third game of Yangji team first pitcher Louis Sevilino

There is a rumor, in the series, the third warfare, 3 games, were hitting 7 security, lost 6 points, Yanji Pitter Louis Sevilino made a wrong match time, warm-up late, thus triggering media and fans.

Ron Darling reported that the game was reported that the game was born at 19:40, while Sevilino started to warm up. It is obviously too late from common sense, and it will often lead to a state of pitcher.

After the Silitter was washed in 16: 1, the media was swarmed to Sevilino asked Sevilino’s saying on TV, the response to this parties was: “I usually prepare 20 minutes in advance, ( First do it) to pass the ball, probably on https://www.fanbutikk.comthe killing 8 to 10 minutes before the ball. I didn’t make a mistake, I was very soon, so I was not a problem 10 minutes in advance. “

Yangji’s pitcher coach Lari-Rozielide explained: “Today, Semuelino has made a lot of time in front of us, he (before entering the market) has done a lot (prepared), completed The ball is passing, there is no rush. He is more hot than most pitcher. Sevilino’s situation is the third game in the game, not the first game, if the warm-up is not sufficient, the first game will have problems. “Rosielde also emphasized” Sevilino did not make a mistake time “, the head coach Alon-Buen also commented on” this regard without any problems “.

Usually, pitcher will conduct some indoor preparations before the game, which is the first part. The next pitcher enters the court 30 to 40 minutes before the game, do some simple return, pull, this is the second part. Then pitcher and the coach group members were passed, and the passed the ball started from the penetration. The spacing gradually eliminated. The time spent on this step and the number of passes vary from person to person. Some pitks will even do more than 50 meters. After pulling the longest distance, the pitcher will shorten the distance after step by step and complete the third part. The last part is to enter the cowshed, carrying out the hill pitching exercises with the main battle. There are also some segmentation steps, first never send a full force, do not use the pitching position, then the official pedal uses a complete pitch to warm up, after a few to ten straight balls, transfer to various sphere changes Ball exercise. The pitcher coach group members will supervise the process, and they will be suspended when necessary. After the pitcher and coach think the warm-up, the pitcher took a break and made the final adjustment for the game.

According to the contribution of the coach and the Sevilino, he consumes about 20 minutes, in which Shangqiu is only 8 to 10 minutes in advance, this is too short compared with the vast majority of pitcher’s warm-up process. . Consistent harsh New York Media and Yangji fans will not help Sevilino and the team lie on this issue, after all, if you make a mistake starting time in the playoff playoff and causing losing, this It’s just an unforgivable mistake.

A Twitter user who ID “Mend_96” turned out his own video to support Sevilino, in a regular season held on August 13 this year, late to 18:47 Srierino In the field (doing warm-up, the ball is waiting until 18:54 he enters the cowshed, and the kicking time is 19:05. Considering that the pitcher before the kick is going to wait for a while, it is not too much to practice the time of the full-minded Severino in the cow shed. More than 8 minutes. However, the game Sevilino has poor performance, only 4 bureaus lost 4 points, so these videos can be used as another warm-up rush to affect Sevilino performance.

Of course, in the case of isolation materials, the discontinuation is unauthorized, and this netizen also frankly he provided that the time provided may not be accurate enough. In order to seek rigorous, at least there are many Semina’s first warming process records as a reference, usually no one will pay special attention to the time of pitcher’s warm-up, and the author is fortunate to watch a Sevilino. The game, like most people, did not record his incoming position), there is no “pitcher warm-up” in the statistics of the baseball data, so it will be difficult to verify everywhere “warm up as long as 8之 说.

However, the earliest breakdown of broke the news clearly didn’t think what material would be proved that he responded to the speech of Sevilino. Danling has taken a big alliance in 13 seasons, and the earnings of the metropolis and sportswaters have been defeated by 136 wins and 116, and the self-sharing rate is 3.87. In 1985, they were selected for all stars. Darling as a TBS TV station is in the stadium at the time, with an experienced front pitcher perspective, he observed a lot of details: “Sevilino has not yet entered 19:23, at 19:32 There is no ball in the past. I can see Rozield’s mouth. He told the Sevilino game to start 19:40. I never needed the coach in my entire pitcher to tell me the game. “

Darling said: “I am not analyzing or saying three-way processes based on Sevielino. I am not a deciphering password or engage in journalists.
I just saw some of the pitcher. Speaking of different ordinary preparations, if I find the same, then my my job is telling the public. “

Some angry Yangji fans also supported the Darling of the order. After all, even if Sevilino is really fast, just 8 minutes absolutely impossible to fully prepare. There are also fans to take a few days ago, Juni-Sanchez and the game commentary, Yangji Family Kaya, Rodrigz, phone video connection in the live broadcast, Sanchez in the video connection asked Rodrigz Competing time. Due to the national broadcast needs, MLB competition, especially the winning time of the playoffs is not fixed, such as the series between the Yangji and the red stockings, the third game is 19:40, The winning time of the 4th game is 20:05. Perhaps Sanchez is not very clear about the kicking time, so in the live broadcast program, I will ask the seniors working on the TV station. If this is the case, it can be considered that the management of Yangji will not talk about negligence, and it is absolutely not to pay attention to it. The game will hold the player and do not know the exact time. .

In any case, Sevilino has left a bad pitching data, and the red socks have achieved the hearing advantage, and the Yangji also surrendered in the 4th place in the series. As the most lost defeat in the array, the New York people will definitely take him criticism. And we have reason to believe that when Sevilino issued a race in next spring training base, it will be able to see countless journalists and fans who supervise his warm-up processes, see “I warm-up very fast” speech. deviation.