Serless: Unable to describe Tate’s excellent performance Tes use defensive team

Beijing time December 2, the rocket 114-110 reversed the thunder, and won four consecutive victories.

After the game, the head coach Serrat said: “We tried our best to pinch the synthesis (this Wood only hits only 9 minutes without score small
Potter only 13 minutes), but the opening stage is very bad, noIt is showing the energy you should. After that, everyone struggles and struggles. When you are halfway, everyone feels like, ‘Oh, it is 7 points, just this. We have to continue to stick to it.’

It couldn’t use too many words to evaluate Tort’s performance. His defensive awesome, there are 5 caps, and some key shooting, free throws, etc.He and Tes are ready to be very sufficient, and Tes has not yet hit four or five, but it is still ready.He helped the team in the second half of the defense, everyone did great.”

(华 白)