Seahawks pot Assembly points, coach Carol: Wilson must play better

Seattle Seahawks quarterback and they are now in a difficult period, as they attack the question again and again, the Seahawks continue to lose in the Monday night game, losing 15-17 to the Washington football team.

About 90 minutes after the game, Russell – Wilson and the Seahawks offensive team after a reversal is unlikely to kick down the offensive, breathed this breath, the seventh Pro Bowl star quarterback finally accepted reporter interview. Wilson slight redness of the eyes, and the information is showing the symbol of the bad feelings he experienced this season. “Now things are challenging, but at the same time, I know what we can do. We have the ability to show up, you must do it.” Wilson said.

“I do not know what else, but I was kind of far behind, unwilling to give up, not give in person. We work hard every day, this team also.” While Wilson does not lack optimism and enthusiasm , but the results are not satisfactory. Since his finger injury, the Seahawks in the last three games a total of only 28 points, the offensive team appeared in a variety of issues. Xu Haiying, or there are other problems in the past, but this time, Wilson apparently also be primarily responsible for that person.

“Well, the results did not show a real gap between the results of the competition and play the way we are, do not show it..” Seahawks coach Pete – Carol are rare unflinchingly after the game: ” he (Wilson) must perform better, we have to play better. “

Earlier this season, Wilson had to undergo finger surgery, so he missed his first career three games. But wait until he’s back, always some strange passing, often steals, which compelled people to think of his injuries. Prior to injury, although Wilson does not have are the elite level, but the state after his comeback, apparently poor to the extreme.

“.. Videos do not lie, we are missing something in our good idea, but did not want to play offense on the field,” Carroll said of Wilson’s attack: “I do not know how to do, but we have to figure out. like tonight, we have the opportunity, but also there have been neutral, but unfortunately we did not catch. “

Seahawks record is now 3-8, with three defeats, the team ranked second in the United States, second only to a non-winning season since Detroit Lions. Since 2017, the Seahawks did not miss the playoffs, but from a mathematical point of view, I am afraid that this year they can not get tickets for the playoffs. And since the 2011 season, the Seahawks would be no less negative and more wins and a defeat of the season, but now, they are getting closer to this distance.