Saints signed the front of the denim star to take directly him or become a super bowl of lineup last piece of puzzle

Dez – Bryant did not let the people who have followed him for too long. The New Orleans Saints announced on Wednesday that the team took over the Deni Dika star to reach a year contract agreement. According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte, Bryant will officially check the contract on Thursday. The current payment of the current contract has not been revealed.

Although the Saint team has just defeated the Los Angeles Rasca, the Saint Los Angeles Rasca, and in all team midfielders, they scored the second, but their external connections have some obvious problems. Little Tiede – Gold is lying on the injury list last month, and the former Chicago Bear team takes behind the Kameron – Merreis has not fulfilled the team since the team hopes that he wants him to do. In three games, his number of times is zero.

If not Alvin-Kamara is shared on the ball to share a lot of pressure, if it is not Mark Engram, it provides a certain guarantee on the pavement offensive. If it is not a head coach Sean Pelton let Si Duan Ta So Som-Hill play so many flowers; only in Bris and Team takes behind Michael Thomas bitter brush, the Saint team can’t get the current position. So, even in order to share the pressure on Michael Thomas, the Saint team must find a sufficient component of an external connector.

In accordance with Dudez-Brines, he can act as such a role. In 2012-2014, Brines took more than 1200 yards for three consecutive years, completed more than 12 times; and in 2013, 2016 and 2016 into a career bowl. During that period, he is one of the top five outer hands of the league. After he joined, the happiest thing was too four-point Delu Bris, this 39-year-old elite four-dimensional bathroom received the best external handle in the past few years. And this horrible saints have only one goal this year, the sword refers to the super bowl!

Interestingly, the saints on the road impact Super Bowl, will fly to Dallas on November 29th, at that time, Dez-Bryant will have the opportunity to complete a “revenge” for his old east.

Although Brines received only 838 yards and 6 times in last year; but this did not let the denim slap in the middle of the squad. Stephen Jones, the executive vice president of the denim, is worth playing, and he said that the team is not good at last year, and the quartz guards of the Si Dak-Prescott itself. The pressure is large, but he also faces additional pressure, from the German, Bryant and the old Jason, Witten, in his ear.

Later, everyone knows that the team cut off Bryant, and Witten directly retired to ESPN to learn the guests. The Bryter also released a tweet, and the Cowboy came from top to DISS, accused the team boss Jerry Jones to build the “no chapter” in the team, and the real name mad team center Fre Delik and Line Weiwen – Li said some people who are not conducive to him.

And if Shawn Lee’s injury can restore in time, he is likely to talk directly to Dudez – Bryant in the Saint team on November 29th.

However, in the short term, Bryant may act as the third end of the team. In addition to Michael Thomas, the team’s new show, Terekwan-Smith gradually plays a more important role in the team, in the past four games, this rookie completed 11 times The ball promoted 196 yards and got 3 times. If there is no accident, the team may let Bryant and two of them have a routine three-person group, while Bryant may go to the guests to go outside; although he is in the Cowboy. On the outside, it is not unexpected with the current external group of Saints. Moreover, their head coach Sean Pelton is a person who can do this.

Several happy family, as Bryant’s signing is successful, basically announce the second trial of Brandon Marshall in the former wild matrix fails.

In any case, friends can take out the mobile phone to marke on the Thursday night of November 29, the Saints and Cowboos will give a fun verger.

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