Saints Camara and Cook missed because of injury battle Bears bridge water can impact their fifth straight, turning right-hand man

October 19 News (text / ESPN Mike Triplett compile / white) local time on October 20, the four-game winning streak of the New Orleans Saints will face the toughest challenge of the season in Chicago’s Soldier Field.

Headed running back Alvin – Camara (Alvin Kamara) and the number one tight end Jared – Cook (Jared Cook) suffered injuries, the team ruled out the possibility of the two play, backup quarterback Teddy – Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) appears to be losing right-hand man.

This season, Camara (ankle, knee) and Cook (ankle) is the number of times the ball in the squad ranked headed wide receiver Michael – Thomas (Michael Thomas) after the second and third rows, each made two touchdowns Ranked second. But after an injury in last week’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they did not participate in training this week.

Camara will be played replace veteran Lata Davis – Murray (Latavius ??Murray), he had been a number one running back in the Oakland Raiders and the Minnesota Vikings. In addition, due to the absence Cook, the veteran tight end Josh – Hill (Josh Hill) will get more playing opportunities.

Camara is currently connected with a run scored 649 yards of mixed yardage Saints ranked first, he first appeared in the injury report after an ankle injury Oct. 10. Ankle injury is old wounds, according to head coach Sean – Payton revealed that Camara’s game against the Jaguars slander to the knee, though he insisted after his game, but he felt unwell enough to support him to participate in this week’s game .

Before Sean – Payton asked “Like this 5-1 team because of injuries affect whether the Saints winning streak,” the Saints coach said it was not like this: “I have been asked this question many times, but we put medical science and the player is ready to link up the energy on the game is that we can not just can not. we did not think too much, will not allow them to support the holiday week and then the rest of the class. the key the question is whether the health of the players, and if we let him play, if not, even if we do not let him be on him. “

“Of course, there may also be exceptions, for example, to the playoffs. But I think the coach should always pay attention to the player’s health, and whether he’s smart enough to play a trial.”

Saints in the offseason and Murray signed a four-year 14.4 million US dollars of the big contract, so let him share the pressure Camara, as well as prevent similar situations arise today.

29-year-old Murray completed the career 3836 yards rushing and 950 yards of the ball, get 35 touchdowns. 2015 season, he was selected out of the Pro Bowl in 1066 yards Oakland Raiders. Over the past two seasons, Murray Vikings rushed 1420 yards.

“Look, he is a great football player when we signed him, we knew we expect of him and the role he played.” Refers to the height of 6 feet 3 inches Weight interview Payton 230 lbs weight of heavy trucks: “he was very good at the area rushed the ball, very smart, he knows how to withstand pressure, to deal with some cases three-block offensive.”

Murray this season, has not had any outstanding performance in the Saints, rushed the ball 32 times to obtain advanced 138 yards a touchdown, and completed nine catches for 67 yards to get.

However gratifying is the number of times he touches the ball every week on the rise. Last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Murray played the best game came to the Saints, the only regret is that there are times 42 yards touchdowns foul because the referee blew off.

“From the first week I felt pretty good, I think this is a good thing, and now I’m more comfortable with the offense, constantly training every day, getting better every day.” Murray said.

Last week he rushed the ball eight times advancing 44 yards, also completed three catches for 35 yards to get. “To be sure, in such an attack, continue to win for me is definitely helpful.”

Cook also this year as a free agent was signed by the Saints, when he was one day to find the best, he makes people an insight into what the big kill. The past two weeks, Cook completed seven times the ball forward 78 yards, got two touchdowns.

Other aspects of the injury, the Saints quarterback Drew – Brisbane and will not play this week.