Running the wettleli wants to change the giant’s thigh! New season sword fingers to promote 2500 yards

September 2 (Wen / ESPN Jordan Raanan Compile / Love) New York Giants Star Runa Sac Wan – Barkley completed a lot of eyes in front of the past two years before the career, but it is coming Compared with the new season, the past two years may not be worth mentioning. Yes, this young running guards look forward to the last floor of the third year!

If the training camp is a suggestion, the Bakler will complete a great season this year. In the rookie season, he passed the 2028 yards through the 352 touch trocard to cut 15 times; he received injuries in the last season, but after 269 times, he completed 1003 results. The ball, 1441 yards are mixed and the score of 8 times.

Now, Buckli faces a new coach Jue Jue-Jiaqi and a new offense coordinator Jason Gret, and Jiaqi seems to want Baxley to serve as a more important role in the attack. Just like the Black Panther’s Run Kristian – McAfray did in the season, there were more than 1000 yards on the end of the race, or aimed at the record of the Titan’s radius of Kris Johnson’s single season mixed 2509 yards. The giant hopes that Baxley has the opportunity to complete this level of performance.

“Of course, Bakley will be an important part of our future work.” Galert said, his past coaching history shows that he is more willing to rely on a star running guard, because in the past 4 seasons, no one coal than him The running guard in the denim array Elio is a higher number of games (20.9 times).

In the pass attack, Bakley may get greater gains. When he is going to practice the ball, the dislocation caused; his route runs flexible than ever, his outbreak returns to the level of the rookie season, which makes the line guards and security guards. Method.

Experience-rich front packaging line Weiber Krek Martinene has to accept such challenges every day, these two people have formed a habit of training, first-time running guards and first-haired internal guards can improve in such confrontation Own. Buckley is also facing the challenge of each other. His pass protection is still improved; but Martinez also headache, especially facing the one-on-one practice of Barkley … Conduct, Bakley is almost impossible in the training camp. Before a pair of exercises!

“He is very strong, the feel is also very good, and there is a strong route running ability.” The giant running guards Burns said, “We want him to participate in the game.” Giants hope that Bakley can take out He is good at weapons. In the past two seasons, he pushed more than 50 yards in the past two seasons in the past two seasons.

Under the leadership of the former coach Pat-Shu, Bakley took 21.4 seasons, and the Eliote was 22.2 last season, McCarrere achieved an amazing 25.2 times. The giant is only 72.2% last season, and this data should be ranked fourth in 33 running guards. With the further grinding of him with the quarter from Daniel Jones, this data should There is improved; if you can reach the 76.1% success rate of Elliot, even the 83.3% success rate of McCaverre, Bakley’s Touchpad will rise.

Galert talked about his attack on the cowboy period. Our game will change. “

The giant’s weapon library is not only Barkley, and there are near-ends of Ivan, England, Gordon-Tatolius-Sletton. If these people remain healthy, they are also worth looking forward to the output of the ball, of course, no one’s expectation is higher than Barkley. Although the giants introduced the running Di Dian – Lewis, the latter only came to share his work and would not have any impact on his starting position.

Barkley’s plan is to enter the career 3-5 years of running guards. He has promoted a number of 4.8 yards in the past two years, and the ball proposes a code 8.1 code, which is the performance of McCarre 4.7 yards + 8.3 yards. There are many differences, but the giant’s coaching group hopes that Baxley can further exceed this performance.

“Sakan will be unique Sac Wan.” Xie Pard said, “He is a tough runner, an unpredictable runner, I hope he can play his own talent in each attack. “