Regain the top offense! The basket is the ultimate killing, and the offensive and defense is a hundred rounds of net winning opponent 36.6 points.

The basket network is left by Griffin, leaving Griffin, is considered to be the most value-made renewal, but his offensive is slightly serious, and Griffin career is suffering from the trouble and is the main striker. In the top of the basket, the opponent meat, the defensive end consumed too much energy, leading to the three-pointer in his entire season, only 16.1% of the hit rate, originally the team’s spatial internal line After losing the shooting threat, let the offensive space of the Net became extremely crowded, plus Harden’s leg teases have not fully recovered, scored insufficient explosive power, so that the offensive efficiency of the Nets has dropped directly from the last season. At its 14th.

In the game on November 25, the Nets ushered in the starting lineup. The Ade became the first center of the team,
Griffin was a battle, and he gave him to adjust the state, compared to Griffin. Ade’s shooting capacity is unquestionable, especially his middle distance, this season Aude 44% from the middle distance, the average hits 2.6, the hit rate reached 59.5%, and the player in the field is more than 2 times. The middle and high school alliance, he and Haden’s poor killing will be great, and it is difficult to limit whether the opponent exchanges or does not change.

Because Ade has a range of radios, the team can send no external shooting capabilities but defensive compression, he is the most important junction of the team inside and outside the team. This season is in this season. Under the defense, the integrity of the opponent is only 34.5%, down 7.3 percentage points than the average, the strongest is his three-point defensive ability, and the three-point ball rate of the opponent is only 24.4%, down 9.7 more than the average. In a percentage, even if the opponent’s hit rate is 5 percentage points, defense has almost no short board.

Mills + Harden + British + Durant + Ade’s first combination, it is necessary to shoot in shooting, the height has improved, and the anti-defense ability is not bad. It can be said that all the shortcomings of the previous lineup, November 25 In the day of the day, the five people group had a total of 11 minutes, offensive efficiency 152, defensive efficiency 66.7, hundred rounds of net winning opponents reached 85.3 points of horror, if this sample is small, we look at the overall performance of them this season. A total of 25 minutes, offensive efficiency 129.6, defensive efficiency 93, 100 rounds of net winning opponent 36.6 points, is the strongest combination of the team.

At present, there are 14 wins and 5 negative reality of the Nets, the most important thing is not to rely on offensive but defensive. The defensive efficiency of the Nets has risen from the 22nd last season to the sixth season of this season, but for a https://www.maillotsbasketfr.combattle team. Said, the attack and defense is the most critical. The five opponents lost in the Netbooks are strong teams. They also need to prove that they will find themselves to the offensive status of the last season, the good news is Brown, Harris and Clarks. The injury of three main rotation is not serious, and Xiuxi Thomas also proves that he can adapt to the rhythm of the NBA level in the last 2 games. Wait until the returns of the NB network is further engaged, I believe that their offense will return to top again.

Don’t forget that there is a full star star Owen. Although he can’t play playing, wait until the season of the season will definitely seek the possibility of the transaction, as long as you can change back to the power, you can make the strength of the basket network more powerful Let us wait and see!