Prescott Get playing the dead cowboy full of highlights 17-20 losing ram

At 8 o’clock in Beijing, September 14, 2020, the first weekend of the NFL 2020-21 officially started. The Los Angeles ram is in the new SO-Fi Stadium, the new SO-Fi Stadium, welcomes the Dallas Cowboy. Although there is no fans but new stadiums can be used to bring together today’s various black technology, and will be used as the stadium of the Los Angeles Olympics. The two teams in this game are more than a division, and ultimately the Los Angeles ram finally prevents the anti-fall of the cowboy, defeating Dallas cowgirl at 20-17, and obtain the first season.

Before the start of the season, the big corner contract was used to renew Jarren-Ramse, sent away the number one ran to Todd Galley, and play the game “leg shock” Greg – Zullein. Dallas Cowbi cut off their years of meritorious coach after the last season of the season, hired the super bowls of the former Green Bay packaging, and the first round of this year’s draft selection talent. Di-Rum.

Wonderful review

After the start of the competition, the Los Angeles ram took the lead in launching offensive, and their first debut was playing the clouds. The four points Guardiard – Gaoff a sweeping haze last season, and the game started 2 minutes to take the way. Subsequently, Malcolm-Brown started to take the ball into the end of the cowboy in the first quarter, and achieved the first Dali, 7-0.

The first offense of the anti-view denim did not achieve too much progress, just played the ball back to the ram only in 2 minutes. The ram that once again debut is quickly advanced to a position that can be shot, but the player has not hit a simple 29 yard.

After the second section, the cowboy gradually retrieved the status of the game. The new Shijiao Saidi-Rum and the quartzWrescott completed the 33 yard large number of lines, directly to the red area of ??the ram. 3 minutes after the start of the second quarter, the top of the league running Wei Ziqir – Elliott ran around the 19 yards, helping the cowboy flattened score, 7-7. The ram also responded to the second quarter, and the 35 yards of the game were once again a leader, 10-7. Cowboys then also achieved a 53-yard commemorant opportunity, but their player did not hit this ultra-long, but let the ram make a nice offense start position.

The ram relies on this starting position, and then hits one foot 31 yard before the official suspension of 2 minutes, 13-7. Cowboy has not given up this last two minutes. The quarter-points of Prescott found the outer hand to take over Amary-Cooper, Michael – Gaulp and Cedi-Lamb, quickly helped the team to be entered. The red area of ??the ram. Or is the number one runs 卫 齐 基基 – Elliott 17 seconds before the end of the half, with the ball in the end area to get a reachable, and the score, 13-14.

After the half is coming back, the ram relies on the outer hand Robert – Woods quickly advanced to the half of the cowboy. After 7 minutes from the third quarter, running to Malcolm-Brown, got the ball and ran into the batch of denim, 20-14. The backward denim defensive group began to force, copy the passage of Gao Fu before the end of the third quarter, helping the cowboy a 33 yards, this time, this time, the player Zillen has no action opportunities, steady Kick the ball into and recovered 3 points, 20-17.

But then the cowboy attack is weak, and it has not continued to achieve the score, and the ram keeps this score to the end of the game.

Team prospect

The first week of the game, the National War of Guoandong, the Philadelphus Eagle was reversed by the Washington football team after the lead in 17, while the China War is Arizona Red Rhizikhak Super Bowl of San Francisco 49. The Washington football team will be described as a wave of operation, changed the main coach, sent away the future celebrities running to guard Adrian – Peterson, and even his own team name and team giggers are gone, but can overcome Last year, Keni East, a Philadelphia Eagle. The rickets in Guohi District have introduced the star outside De Andre-Hopkins, the strength is rapidly enhanced, and it is actually unveiled the battle of the Super Bowl of Super Bowl. Another opponent of the same district Seattle Seattle Eagle today is also chopped to beat the Atlantan Falcon.

Briefly, although the cowboy in the four teams in the Eastern District of Kaiwai District lost the game, it would not be discouraged. This year, there is still a big chance to take the partition name. Although the Los Angeles Rasca, the Ros Angeles Rasca, which is located in the competitive, not too happy. After all, the bottom part is still the superb bowl of the season last season, and several partitioned civil wars will not be delayed, not good The outer card can’t get it. In any case, this is just the first week of the game, and there is little impact on the loss, or two teams need to adjust the schedule.

Player data

Cowboy 4-point guard 38 passed in 25, 266 yards, 1 time Deta. Run Wei Qikil – Elliot 22 running 96 yards, 1 time reached. External hand Amary-Cooper 10 times, 81 yards.

The ram 4 points Wei Gaoff 31 passes 20, 215 yards, 1 copy. Run Marcom – Brown 18th sports ball, 79 yards, 2 times. Extraction Robert – Woods 6 times, 105 yards.