Passion for the game! Curry + 7 three-pointers in a rare rage, George Air cut 30 points, the Clippers ahead throw in the towel!

November 29, Golden State Warriors away to the Los Angeles Clippers, the most recent state teams are good, the thought would play a hearty exchange that war, can enter the contest from the outset tight rhythm.

After the start of the game, Maurice good condition, inside and outside investment and scored eight points sudden, George, Reggie also continued on fire, here against the Warriors Curry and Porter’s score stabilize the situation.

Section, the Braves field plate protection well, giving the Clippers a lot of second shots, leading the team behind.

II began, Curry took a minute to play, George flew back. Warriors mistakes can be problems did not change overnight, after another two turnovers, tied Clippers consecutive possessions. Fortunately, the Warriors did not continue to make mistakes, relying on three-pointers and free throws to stabilize the situation.

Has been leading the team, the Warriors also weight of the wearer, Taryn in the field – Lu is very calm, this little expression may not last long, Anderson assists Bjelica eat the bread basket, the Warriors go-ahead score.

During Wiggins free throws, specially the broadcast side lists the mouth brother in the past four games of data, boy, brother mouth averaging 25.8 points, shooting 56 percent, scoring serious “excessive” the ~

Both teams began a few rounds later blacksmith, the final stage of George free throws to score points, Curry soared in the third of halftime, the Warriors go-ahead 2 points.

Take a look at halftime data

Into the second half, the Warriors’ brave three crazy “mode is enabled, ultra-long three-Curry also opened a time the Warriors leading edge to double digits. See if there is a collapse of rhythm, Lu guide immediately called timeout.

Pause came back, the Clippers got it together, relying on insider Zu Baci diversionary action, the Clippers will be sent out. Third quarter last 3 minutes, Poole breakthrough was capped Hutton, who roar against Poole, eat a T.

Which look directly to the cover Poole woke up, and then soared in 2 consecutive three-pointers! Hutton also made a foul fouled Curry, labeled as 2 + 1, wherever he goes back.

Last minute, George Poole with the whirlwind up, you throw a three-pointer, I give you a, George hit three consecutive three-pointers, Poole dropped 4 consecutive three-pointers!

End of the third, 75-68, the Warriors lead.

The fourth quarter began, and the lens to clamp brother George, how long before I came back Kazi brother ah.

The game continues, beginning three minutes, the two teams are very close, one side took 2 points, the game is tight, leading to both emotions are very high.

In the first attack, Curry layup by foul Mann, Curry rare rage, directed at the
referee roar, no problem, directly Curry was whistled T, Poole quickly put Big Brother opened.

Provocative referee is not to eat the fruit of the second round, the Warriors cover, it also was whistled for an offensive foul. This time the Warriors to play crazy, a third, a counter-attack, lead to double digits, this excitement to see Cole, is very rare ah!

Pause came back, George continued life with two three-pointers, Curry may have been playing crazy, three consecutive three-pointers. Curry happy to see this, nor shake the shoulder, made directly to a “T” gesture, ha ha, students play up.

Up to now, only a thin distance Curry Allen’s record of 36!

The last three minutes, leading the Warriors with 18 points, the game has lost its meaning, Lu guide put on a full bench, throw in the towel early.

the Warriors win over the Clippers, continues to dominate the Western Conference.

Take a look at the data:

Under Warriors game they will play 16-game winning streak of the sun!

Thank you for reading, I wish you a bright eye ~