Pain and joy of a football fan

Author 86 students, old home Shaanxi countryside.

When I read the first day, a hot-lived summer farmer is busy, and the old Changhong TV will play football games from time to time. It seems to be which one World Cup. At that time, I didn’t understand Kits Football Kits the football. I felt that I was a waste of time. I couldn’t get a ball in half. I didn’t look at it.

After many years, it is a single room who leased outside. During the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, colleagues often discussed the Soccer Jersey Discount topic of football, I also want to blend and mix, but I don’t understand. So, with intuition, I chose the Netherlands to do my own home team. There is no reason, just think that orange jersey looks good. The most profound game is the Netherlands against Spain. Time is in the middle of the night, just remember that the enthusiasm shouted with Robben’s feet … Ball. I also shouted with the sound, and I woke up my wife and said what nerves I sent.

Little Fei Xia Roben

In 2016, he began to pay attention to the Super League. Just because the jersey color and the Dutch team are the same orange, so Mbappé Jersey the Shandong Luneng as a home team. Every time there is Luneng’s game almost never missed. I remember that the year of Jing Rudby, Wang Dalei played the gods, high picking low, and the power of Lu can 2: 1 defeat national security, the game is really wonderful. At that time, Pera was still in the array, often called Italian. In a few seasons of the superior, Pera played the gods and gave Rubon. Of course, he will not have his beautiful wife Valga, which can always become a fan of fans.

Pele and Valga

In 2018, Hong Kong took the Super Championship, Wu Lei opened the road of Yangyang, and Football Shirts Wholesale transferred the Spanish. One degree makes the domestic fans are excited, saying that the hopes of the village are also a venue – our football talents are really scarce. La Liga 19-20 season, Wu Lei did not look forward to the public, and also harvested into the ball again, once helped the team to enter the European Union Cup. How many fans are excited about the beautiful night, and how many fans regard the Spanish as their own home team. Until now Wu Lei is still in the Western People’s array, watching a few, although there is less time.

Western people entered the European Union Cup fans into the El Pratball court celebration

With the development of the epidemic, each league has Manchester United Jersey stopped, and the game of the empty spot has not fun. Have to say, the football game really can’t participate in the play, the 12th person. The atmosphere of the competition is very important, and the empty space must not be.

World Cup, Champions League, Five League … Various games are wonderful. As long as there is a fan, the world of football will never be lonely. Have each other, but also interdependent, only because of the same kind of belief.

We love football.