Packaging workers next get out of class coach twice in one week, returning to the team and played one by one

Although the front Green Bay packaging worker teaches Mike McChaki and the four-point Wei Alon Rogers, the old handsome is still unscrupulous last Sunday. Go to the package.

According to ESPN reporters, the high-level packaging clubs agreed to let their former coaches McCartic Tuesday and Wednesday returned to the team, and they like the coaching groups and players. Since McCarti is dismissed on Sunday night in the packaging work, the scene is also in a hurry, McCarthy does not even have a chance to call the team after a defeat. According to the package of the package, McChaki returns “Everyone is very excited” when McChak is returned.

“We still think of him as a team,” Philin said: “We have talked, he (McCarti) I really want to talk to the players, this is 100% support him, Generally, his conversation or shouting is very effective. Not only about rugby and how to win the game, his enthusiasm will ignite every player. He is really concerned about the old players here, I believe everyone here is to him. Strategic. “

“I am very excited to see him again!” Monolitan line Wei Klai-Matthew said: “First you have to understand, not everyone can get such a special case. In fact, our player is also the same as his situation, past 13 In the year, he poured a lot of heart for this team, and dedicated his own, so in the end, he could let him come back and see, I think the club is really human. Although he is not, I believe he will always watch it forever. US.”

A defensive end MONKK Clark said: “He tells us how many of him care about this team, care about us and our work, care about packing work and green bay. You can see him in front of him before he goes. “

During the time of McCarthy, there was also a failure, and the super bowl was taken in a few years, and I had a long-term playoff for a few years. In a high-end balloon, McCarthy’s conservatism and overtime tactics were disappointing. It is reported that Hao Shuai will take a break in the future.

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