Only Jackson can run? The Si Dicion of the Ai Aiko, said that if there is a need to "leg"

September 27 (Wen / ESPN Adam Teicher Compile / Love) The Chief of Kansas City is shocked in the last week of the game, there is no victory in the same area, the team super new star quarterly Patrick-Mahmemos still performance Bright eyes, completed 2 times and passing more than 300 yards, but the most important attack, he did not rely on his arm to be completed.

When there is still 54 seconds from the end of the competition, the chief also attacked the other side of the 45-yard line, but he had to face a 20-pin 20-yard daunting task. In this case, the lightning natural cloth reserves the second-line defensive second line, but at this time, Mahmus is sensitive to insid the other-defense vulnerability, and he completed a 21-yard rush! The chieple completed the first attack and rely on the shooting of Badk’s shooting into the overtime; and in the overtime of the Badk 58 yards, the ball is trying to kill. But Mahms This long-distance rush is undoubtedly the most critical attack in the audience.



“He likes the game, especially like this fierce competition.” The chief coach Andy Reed said, “He wants to be fierce, I think other people will avoid this, but he is not, the people around him also want to think To be such a game, they are willing to face the situation like a lightning on the previous week. “

However, this week’s chief will face a team-Balmos, a pavement, obviously, the other’s four-point guards, Jackson Bi Mahuos, more good at rushing, and even his brewing capabilities have reached The four-point health level level. However, the Rushing of Mahms is not like Jackson, but he can always complete this shock performance at a critical moment.

Last season, I completed a 15-yard shock in the case of the four-speed 8 yards; and more famous is the end of the Federation of Federation, he faced the Titan defensive group directly 27 The code blast reaches the anti-ratios. In the game against lightning, he ran out 5 times in three stations, and 4 he completed the first attack.

“They defense very deep.” Mahms said that when the lightning defense said, “Their defense is getting more and more reliable, although letting the offensive front line gave me more time, but they defait too intensive I can’t find a pass ball, I need to have a few yards to attract their defense. I think the most important thing is to find the way to win, if the team is defending the backfield Hand, I have to find cracks with my legs. “

“There is too many excellent balls in our team, running guards, near-end pendants can be used as a ball weapon, so defense must take into account their ability. You can think that there will be an opponent to prevent no loss It is especially deep, and as long as there is a space of the rush, I have to use it; and when I rush, I will also make the preparation of the pass, so they don’t dare to leave your own defensive people. I can only let me run. “



Run + long pass! This has become a part of Mahumos adjustment strategy according to the situation on the field, no matter where he has completed quite excellent, he not only has 21 yards from the pavement of the road, but also has a consistent Qilin arm. In the 54-yard pass to Tayry Khal, his pass is 53 yards. This makes it a lot of choices to make the emirates.

“He did greatly, he made the best choice after reading defense.” The Eric’s offensive coordinator Eric is said, “When the opponent only guys guided the ball, Mahms You can maximize the pavement advantage, because there is no special player to stare against his mushroom, so if he can see a path, you will seize the number of errors. “

The coach Reide has always liked the four-point guard of mobile capabilities. He also used Dolowan-McNab and Michael Vik when he joined the Emirate. It came to the chief. Mobile capabilities, obviously the comprehensive ability of the Mahms race makes him belong to this type.

“Sad-defense run has always been part of the West Coast Attacking System,” Reed said, “You see the four-point guards who have succeeded in these systems, they can run. Joe-Montana is in the West Coast system Excellent opening, Steve Yang, McNab, Vict … When you start to say that I have worked together, I will find that they are all moving people; but I I hope that they can run when they need it, not to use him as a major weapon. “